Rock Out for Jack

Rock out for Jack is a fundraising initiative created by the parents of a young boy living within the confines of CHARGE syndrome.

CHARGE syndrome is a rare and life-limiting disorder that arises during early fetal development and affects multiple organ systems

This family came to my attention through a local (west Ottawa) Facebook group created to offer support and advice through the COVID pandemic. When I read a bottle drive was part of this fundraiser, the collection of bottles in my garage beckoned to me. I put the word out to my neighbours and sure enough, they had the same problem in their garages. Due to the pandemic, returning bottles has been restricted so our collective collections were growing rapidly. Our contribution generated a whopping $160, a record so far in this bottle drive. Does this sound like a challenge your street would like to take on? Go for it, Dressler Drive is challenging you!

A simple solution evolved; I reached out to Jack’s father Gregory to let him know I would organize the bottles in our neighbourhood if he would pick them up. As mentioned in a previous post, I love the fact that these unique and otherwise frustrating times have ignited a greater sense of caring and sharing all around the world.

From a personal standpoint, with three children and five grandchildren whose health and well-being mean the world to me, I am always willing to help others less fortunate. Most of my neighbours feel the same, proven by the overwhelming reaction to my request for bottles.

Jack may not be as fortunate, but his family is doing everything in their power to keep him happy and safe. Please check out the following links to learn about Jack and help his family. There are many options…

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