Betty White Challenge Supports Animals

Betty White Challenge

The world lost a true wonder recently in Betty White, at the ripe age of 99. Today she would be celebrating her 100th birthday. In her honour, the Betty White challenge has been created in support of her love for animals. What a wonderful idea! Please consider donating to any animal support program in her name to commemorate her life.

#BettyWhiteChallenge is exploding in popularity. It encourages everyone to donate $5 to any local or national animal shelter, rescue or agency in Betty White’s name through Jan. 17, her birthday.


Sit With Me Rescue Rising to the Challenge

Sit With Me is a local support foundation for rescue dogs here in the Ontario and Quebec area. I told you about them previously when my neighbour participated in a National Cupcake Day fundraiser for Sit With Me.

If you are local and wish to support them in the Betty White Challenge, please follow this link.

Betty White Challenge

Find a Betty White Challenge in Your Neighbourhood

If you live elsewhere, contact your local support facility to see if they too are participating in this amazing challenge. There are many cooperating agencies, rescues, and shelters to choose from.

In conclusion, let’s make this challenge as amazing as the woman herself. She would be so proud!

Finding Them Homes Fundraiser

This post is in support of a wonderful fundraiser my niece Jillian is currently involved with. The text was copied and pasted from the Finding Them Homes (FTH) Facebook pages. Please check them out yourselves.


What’s CUTE and FUNCTIONAL? Proudly Presenting the 2021 FINDING THEM HOMES Daytimer! With month and week views it’s the perfect way to keep you organized and with sooooo many cute smooshy faces!

Contactless Pickup Locations


Shipping is also available within Ontario! Due to Covid we are asking for orders to be paid for by e-transfer. Please send a direct message to Trista Lawless to arrange shipping (costs on the poster, above) or pick up at the location most convenient to you. As always, thank you all for your support.❤️

Support Team

Do you know how many awesome people and businesses support the work that Finding Them Homes does? Well, to be honest, we’ve never tried to count them because there are SO many! And without them, hundreds of dogs wouldn’t be rescued from hunger and cold (3,203 to the end of September 2020 including 329 in 2020).

Support comes in many forms. Among them are the beautiful FTH calendars and daytimers (aka day planners). Our talented designers use photos of adopted dogs, made by our equally talented photographers, to design these useful keepsakes. FTH is able to use all the proceeds from the sale of calendars and daytimers to pay for transporting rescued dogs to Barrie, find foster homes for them, get them the vet care they need, and finally, find them a forever home. And that’s because we have business partners that cover the cost of producing and printing the calendars and daytimers by way of sponsorship.

You can also support the work FTH does by patronizing our business partners when they offer a product or service you need. Each month during 2020 we will feature one or more of our partners.

October’s Featured Partner

For October, we are featuring KM Repairs. “By providing good, old-fashioned customer service over the years, many hundreds of area residents have come to depend on owner Ken Matheson, and to rely on the technical expertise of his friendly staff, to keep their family vehicles in peak running condition. You too can entrust all of your vehicle’s service and repair needs to the team of automotive professionals at K.M. Repairs. Call (705) 458-2266 today and find out what good customer service is all about!” You can also check out their website.

How Can You Help?

You can support the dogs and puppies at FTH by:

  • purchasing day-timers or participating in any or all of their other fundraising events.
  • hiring the services of FTH’s business partners if you are local to the areas indicated above.
  • making the commitment to adopt a dog or puppy! These are the sweet faces currently available for adoption. FTH contact information is on the Facebook page.

Happy Birthday to Me

While my 60th will not go down as my most exciting birthday celebration, it will be memorable.  Instead of celebrating in a traditional, non-social distancing manner with family and friends, it will be a quiet day.  As I am writing this, Mother Nature has decided to participate; it is snowing! No, No, No, snow is not invited to this party!

I do have a few wishes though, not quite as many as the candles that would have been on my cake.  Admittedly (sadly, but understandably) they are all COVID-19 related.

I wish:

  • for the safe arrival of my 5th grandchild next week (I had a dream last night that he was born on my birthday lol), that his name will have nothing to do with COVID, and that I will be able to hold him soon
  • that my family and friends continue to be symptom-free
  • that I can snuggle, hug and visit with my grandchildren soon
  • for a vaccine to eradicate COVID-19, accessible to everyone around the world.
  • that the self appointed virus police would mind their own business if the actions of others are not hurting anyone
  • that my gardening business, deemed unessential, will get back on track soon
  • that the world will learn something from these times.  Friends, family and good health are far more important than material things.  Medical staff, first responders and other  services designated as essential are the unsung (and underpaid) heroes.  Sports figures and entertainers, on the other hand, the ones who earn megabucks in comparison to essential workers, are not as essential as we (or they) think they are.

In lieu of (non-essential) birthday gifts, I have created a fundraiser to collect donations towards one of the businesses I do freelance writing for.   I realize it is a difficult time financially for many people.  If you can manage a donation, awesome, and thanks. If you cannot, grant my last wish within the list above.




Paint Night for TIPES

Recently I attended a fundraiser for TIPES (Teaching in Pictures Education Services) in the form of a paint night. I am no artist, but it was a fun evening, supporting a wonderful cause.

I have told you about about TIPES in a previous post, admiring the services that the dynamic duo of Jennifer and Deborah Wyatt and their staff provide for autistic children and their families. Since the new year I have been working at updating and editing their policy and procedure manuals, increasingly aware of just how incredible and extensive these service are. TIPES is a non-profit business, so their financial stability relies heavily on fundraising events. This paint night was just one of many such events scheduled throughout the year.

If you have read any of my posts, you will know how much I love our cottage life. The picture we were instructed to paint was a scene that could easily have been taken on Palmerston Lake where our cottage is located. Of course it wasn’t, but the scene was very appealing to me as I love the outline of the lush, majestic, verdant evergreen trees against the various shades of blue within the water and sky. This is my creation…