COVID-19 Crisis: Bringing out the Worst in Some and Best in Others

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I find it amazing how a crisis situation, like the COVID-19 panic the whole world is now in, brings out the worst in many and the best in others.

We’ve seen it before, many times, although perhaps not on such a global scale. Most Canadians remember the ice storm of 1998, when many in eastern Canada and north-eastern USA were stranded without power in their homes in frigid, icy Canadian-like weather conditions. Our neighbourhoods were literally encrusted in ice for weeks. Power generators were stolen, basic necessities stockpiled, and other “worst” behaviours experienced, but generally I believe the “best” prevailed. Neighbours shared everything from food, BBQs (propane powered), power (generators) and spare rooms, to shower and laundry facilities.

Globally we remember the horrific events of 9-1-1 as well as the amazing humanitarian gestures conceived by the evil acts. The stories of bravery, compassion, and genuine heroism were awe inspiring and heart warming, reminders of the “best” category of reaction to crisis.

Today, the hoarding practices going on amongst the ill-informed, panic-driven population is downright sad. It’s bad enough that the hoarding of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks etc, is taking place, but the reselling of these products for profit is disgusting, “worst” behaviour exemplified.

We must listen to and take the advice of the real experts and not the sensationalized, fear-promoting, ratings-driven TV shows and personalities that claim or pretend to be experts. Routine handwashing (something we should already be doing in cold and flu season) and social distancing are the best, and wisest, options to control COVID-19 as well as the bad behaviour and panic it has spawned.

Which behaviour does crisis bring out in you? Worst or Best? Please consider the best option, pun intended!

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6 thoughts on “COVID-19 Crisis: Bringing out the Worst in Some and Best in Others

  1. I cannot believe the panic that has ensued. One of the cons of social media I think as people are encouraging one another to enter full panic mode. I am hoping that enough people stay sane during all of this

  2. awesome reminder, it is NUTS out there. I had to stop at a drug store to pick up something last evening and I watched a guy walk in, shove a bunch of stuff down his jacket and just walk-out of the store……….

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