To Knot or Not to Knot

What do you do with the unsightly foliage from your spring bulbs once their flowers fade and the petals fall off? Some garden experts say you are supposed to leave the foliage intact until it turns yellow allowing the bulbs to store energy for next spring. Others tie the foliage into knots. I had not heard of this trick until recently when a client asked me to knot hers. I did as requested, and it looked quite neat and tidy, but I don’t think will look so nice when they start to yellow.

I tend to plant my bulbs amongst perennials that will grow taller than the yellowing bulb foliage so it will not be visible while waiting for it to wilt and die off.

If you do decide to knot the foliage, the trick (I learned this after several attempts) is to restrict each knot to just a few leaves.

So, the question is do you knot or not?

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