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Guilty or innocent, Patrick Brown is a ruined man

Is it just me or is something fishy going on?  Patrick Brown, the (resigned) leader of the PC party, is a ruined man, regardless of whether he is innocent or guilty. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  He has not been my choice to lead the PC party, but I think the whole scandal stinks.  Here’s why:

  • the “victims” remain anonymous
  • who talked  them into coming forward and why did they not go to the police instead of the media?
  • why did they take so long (10 years) to come forward?  Oh right, an election is coming up and a smear campaign is the best way for the Liberal party to deflect from the mess they are in.
  • what was the under aged woman doing in a bar drinking in the first place.  I wasn’t born yesterday, I know it happens, but did Patrick Brown take her there?  No.  Was he drinking?  No.  Did he buy her a drink?  Yes, but is that a crime?  If every male that meets a woman in a bar and buys her a drink is persecuted, the heterosexual orientation is doomed.
  • why did the other woman go to his home? With another male to boot.  Then when in his home agree to go into the bedroom.
  • when she (a bit late in my opinion) said NO, he took her home.  How awful and ungentlemanly. (NOT)


These are just a few of the “facts” that are swirling around this scandal.    Regardless of whether Patrick Brown is guilty or innocent, he is a ruined man.  I feel very sorry for him and any other heterosexual male playing the dating game these days, especially the ones in the public eye.


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7 thoughts on “Guilty or innocent, Patrick Brown is a ruined man

  1. It’s politics. They’re doing the same thing here in America. It’s an effective technique even though it’s a coward’s way of doing things. President Trump never got any bad press while he was simply a super wealthy businessman. The day he announced he was running for president the media did a complete about face and Trump was suddenly an evil and untrustworthy person. I chose not to believe the media’s liberal mindset. Honestly, I haven’t put much stock in the media’s lies for quite a long time. I used to think they had to be unbiased and present things in a fair and honest way.

  2. The young lady came onto him or he initiated the innsppropriate behavour. It seems agreed she had a lot to drink. So kind and wise old Patrick Brown the triaied lawyer agrees to drive her home! Nothimg seriously innappropriate there huh?

    1. may it was inappropriate, just very fishy that only came up now that an election is looming. And if she thought it inappropriate why did not report it to the authorities instead of the press?

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