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Bublé sells Bubly during Superbowl

Did anyone else love the new Michael Bublé commercial during the Superbowl last weekend? As both a Bubly and Bublé lover, I admit to a giggle or two. Neither of them get old, to me.


Even though it was his third consecutive Superbowl commercial about the popular carbonated, sugar-free, calorie-free drinks, the content has been different each time. With new varieties in flavour of the sparkling water introduced on a regular basis, this year pineapple and peach Bubly were the newest features.

Although I have historically never been overly fond of carbonated beverages, I do like Bubly; perhaps it is less carbonated than others. These drinks are a great way to incorporate water into your daily regime, staving off dehydration and its effects on your health, with no added calories to deter your diet.

Even my almost three year old granddaughter loves Bubly. She calls them “bubbles,” too young to understand the play on words between bubbly, Bubly and Bublé. Autocorrect doesn’t get it either, changing my Bubly to bubbly each and every time. My granddaughter and I also share a penchant for preferring our bubbles at room temperature rather than ice cold, so we often split one when she is here.

Bublé sells Bubly during Superbowl
my current stock contains these varieties

I have also developed what I call a “Canadian Margarita” recipe that features lime flavoured Bubly along with tequilla, freshly squeezed lime juice and maple syrup. Served in a glass rimmed with salt, it is delicious! Perhaps I should send Mr Bublé the recipe!

So far, lime is my favourite flavour, with cherry a close second. That was before I knew pineapple was a thing. I do love pineapple, so am anxious to give it a try. Did you notice the pineapple one is opened in the picture above? Perhaps a Pina Colada recipe is on the horizon.

I just bought a box of both new varieties, pineapple and peach, proof that commercials do work. Especially ones with Michael Bublé in them.

Bublé sells Bubly during Superbowl

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