Love for Gardening is Contagious

My eldest, (almost) seven-year-old granddaughter also has a love for gardening. She has been asking me to make a flower garden at her house to surprise her mom. She has been spending one day a week with me recently; we decided today was the day, now that it has cooled off a bit.

My son was supposed to dig out the sod but was not working locally today to get home at lunch to do it, so we girls had to do that tedious job ourselves.

After the digging and soil preparation was done we took a break for lunch.

Next, we added composted manure to improve the soil, then the perennial plants that she chose to adorn her garden.

The finishing touch was the mulch. The lawn got a little trampled during our garden project but should rebound.

I was impressed at my granddaughter’s perseverance, she lasted 4.5 hours with only one short break at lunchtime. Perhaps I should have had her sign a waiver in case anyone reports me for abusing the child labor laws. We did have a few neighbours stop by to check on our progress.

I guess she has inherited my love for gardening; I am thrilled. She now says that she and her cousin, who also possesses a love for gardening, are going to take over my garden business in ten years. Sounds good to me!