I am the proud mom of three sons, grandmother of six beautiful children, and wife of the same man for 38 (and counting) years.  The name Loreeebee originated years ago when as their team manager I was dubbed Lori B by my son’s hockey teammates. 

During the cold winter months here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada blog posts are much more frequent. While my main niche is health and wellness, I also share my expertise on gardens as well as stories about my adorable grandkids, and opinions on sports events. The inspiration for these posts comes from my daily life and reflects my opinions and experiences. Some posts are just plain (sometimes silly, always emotional) rants.

After 30 years as a medical laboratory technologist in a local hospital, I retired and pursued my dream. Since 2012 I have been the proud owner of Gardens4u where I design, plant, restore and maintain gardens. Check out my business website for before and after pictures of many gardening projects. Or watch these gardens grow in time-lapsed video format on my YouTube channel.

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I would love to hear from you at Loreeebee@gmail.com or within the comment section of each post.  Comments and suggestions are always greatly appreciated.