Happy Birthday to Me

happy birthday

While my 60th will not go down as my most exciting birthday celebration, it will be memorable.  Instead of celebrating in a traditional, non-social distancing manner with family and friends, it will be a quiet day.  As I am writing this, Mother Nature has decided to participate; it is snowing! No, No, No, snow is not invited to this party!

I do have a few wishes though, not quite as many as the candles that would have been on my cake.  Admittedly (sadly, but understandably) they are all COVID-19 related.

I wish:

  • for the safe arrival of my 5th grandchild next week (I had a dream last night that he was born on my birthday lol), that his name will have nothing to do with COVID, and that I will be able to hold him soon
  • that my family and friends continue to be symptom-free
  • that I can snuggle, hug and visit with my grandchildren soon
  • for a vaccine to eradicate COVID-19, accessible to everyone around the world.
  • that the self appointed virus police would mind their own business if the actions of others are not hurting anyone
  • that my gardening business, deemed unessential, will get back on track soon
  • that the world will learn something from these times.  Friends, family and good health are far more important than material things.  Medical staff, first responders and other  services designated as essential are the unsung (and underpaid) heroes.  Sports figures and entertainers, on the other hand, the ones who earn megabucks in comparison to essential workers, are not as essential as we (or they) think they are.

In lieu of (non-essential) birthday gifts, I have created a fundraiser to collect donations towards one of the businesses I do freelance writing for.   I realize it is a difficult time financially for many people.  If you can manage a donation, awesome, and thanks. If you cannot, grant my last wish within the list above.

happy birthday

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