Virus Vigilantes

Are the vigilantes coming out in this COVID-19 virus crisis driving you crazy?  They are me.  While some people are rising to the top in their creativity and helpfulness during these trying times, others are looking for ways to judge and incriminate others.

If we should practice one positive thing out of this mess, it should be to refrain from being judgemental.  Every family situation is different, often requiring a variation in coping mechanisms.  Not to mention the social distancing rules are very ambiguous, open to interpretation.

Some ridiculous examples I have heard of people calling in by-law officers to impose fines:

  • a father kicking a soccer ball around with his young son on a soccer field
  • a woman not able to celebrate her birthday whose friends and family drove down her street waving and singing happy birthday, from their cars while she stood in her doorway
  • a 14 year old boy, shooting hoops by himself.  Yes he was at the edge of a park, but well away from any play structure or other people
  • walking a dog across an empty soccer field or park

These vigilantes are getting way out of control.  As are the by-law officers that have tapped into their overbearing and controlling personalities.  Are we going to resort to beating people soon if they don’t comply to the murky social distancing rules?  In a democratic society, policing people into complying to senseless rules is not effective.

While blatant disregard for public safety is not recommended or condoned, judgemental squealers and snitch lines are over the top, sometimes unconstitutional.

Find something better and more creative to do people!


One thought on “Virus Vigilantes

  1. I so agree! We are all doing the best we can during this time. As long as they are social distancing and not harming anyone else it’s fine. We drove by the beach the other day and everyone for the most part was very respectful of staying apart while walking. But, there was one group of about 15-20 people in the center. All I could think of was they are going to ruin it for everyone because they will close the beach to everyone. I didn’t call them in I just hoped they were all still okay.

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