Privacy Screen Extraordinaire

While shopping for another part of our new deck at the cottage, I saw a black metal panel that I thought would make a beautiful privacy screen.  We need something at the side of the deck between our cottage and the one next door.  The panel I saw was not large enough, so I started looking around at various stores to see if I could find something more suitable.

I have been very busy with my gardening business, so my husband has been going up to the cottage a few days during the week to work on the deck.  Last weekend when I went up, the privacy screen was in place…He framed it and set it into a wall of boards like the decking so it looks like a framedpiece of art!

3 thoughts on “Privacy Screen Extraordinaire

  1. What a great idea Lori! The humming bird is perfect for the outdoors. Love the framing job too!

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