Polymeric Sand Replaces Weeds

paving stones with moss

Gardens4u started a project recently in which the client wanted her yard restored to its full potential. ¬†Landscapers were paid a hefty sum to make it beautiful years ago, but the interlocking walkways and patios had since been overtaken by weeds. The pictures below do not give the weeds justice for their size and number, unfortunately, I forgot to take a real “before” shot. ¬†

Our job was to remove the weeds and fill the cracks between the interlocking bricks with polymeric sand.  There is a specific and somewhat finicky procedure to using this product, but it works well. Patience is the key.

The cracks were cavernous in some places, with nothing in them.  There were mud, moss, and weeds in every imaginable space.  

After many hours of power washing, my son had the interlock pathways and patios looking like this:

polymeric sand after powerwashing

Polymeric sand was added to make them look like this:

polymeric sand

We still have a few days of work left, but the progress is amazing! This process should keep the weeds at bay for a while.

Unfortunately, this yard always seems to be windy, so persistent weed seeds will settle in the cracks eventually and new weeds will emerge. Hopefully, new weeds will be kept under control though.

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