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Battery tester


I read this recently; a simple battery tester.   It says to test if a battery still has life in it  drop it onto a hard floor from a height of six inches.  If the battery bounces more than once it is empty or dead.  If it bounces once and rolls over, it is good.

I just had to test the test using a few batteries that have been lying around the house.  For some reason, people in my household keep batteries when they suspect they are dead.  For quality control purposes (I did work in a laboratory for 30 years you know) I also tested some brand new batteries right out of the package.

The verdict?   This battery tester seems to work well.  The batteries I suspected were dead bounced a few times so did not pass the test. They  are now in the electronic recycle bin. (batteries should not go into the garbage)  The new batteries bounced once and rolled over as the picture indicates.

I hope you are all now looking for batteries to test in your home!  Give it a try and let me know your results…


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4 thoughts on “Battery tester

  1. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    I have 2 new batteries on the table beside my computer (They’re for my camera; I’ put them one of these days.) so I tried this. It bounced once and fell over. My concern is that batteries don’t last anytime at all any more. The mouse batteries used to last 3-5 months. Now they last 28-32 days. We use a name brand like Duracell or EverReady. I’m thinking of trying some cheap off-name batteries to see if they last better.

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