SNC Lavalin executive gets 8.5 year prison sentence

I read this article from the Canadian Press with interest today as many points cited by judge Cournoyer were ones my husband and I made at a recent dinner party with friends.

Although bribery of foreign public officials is sometimes seen as a necessary step in obtaining contracts in some countries,” Cournoyer said, that does not justify Bebawi’s conduct.

All Canadian companies and their executives are required to comply with Canadian laws prohibiting the fraud and corruption of public officials,” he continued. “Canada is a state of law. Its laws must be respected

the Canadian Press

Last month a jury found the (former) head of SNC-Lavalin’s construction division guilty on charges of paying kickbacks to foreign officials while trying to secure contracts for the company. These shady dealings began way back in the late 90s. Bribery deals included those made with the son of (late) Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Not to mention the millions of dollars Bebawi kept for himself. Bebawi was also accused of attempting to coerce (with money of course) an employee to change his testimony to avoid prosecution.

SNC Lavelin executive
Sami Bebawi, former SNC Lavalin Exec. gets 8.5 years

The debate at this dinner party was whether or not the actions of the senior executives of SNC Lavalin were acceptable business dealings. The argument (from a business man, recently retired from a government position) was that this kind of business happens all the time. His argument was that to be competitive Canadian executives have to use such tactics.

Our argument was that Canadian laws are instated for a reason and should be adhered to. If we want to be respected globally we should never pursue such fraudulent, dishonest and disrespectful actions. To do so only lowers Canada and Canadians to the lower level of many third world countries that flaunt their lawlessness.

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately as the discussion was getting heated) we were outnumbered in our convictions, so the conversation turned to other topics.

Although 8.5 years in prison seems like a light punishment to me, I was glad to see our personal convictions echoed in this judgement.

Social Media Busts Vandal in Kingston

If you read one of my previous posts you will know how angry and disgusted I was with the idiot that trashed our car at Queen’s University Home Coming celebrations in Kingston, Ontario recently.  Well, social media busted the vandal as his actions were captured and displayed for all to see, including the Kingston Police Department.  Their investigation is pending.

The Evidence Courtesy of Social Media

This video shows him on the roof and stepping off onto the front hood.  Listen for the “holy F***, he dented the hood!” at the end.

The Perpetrator Found on Social Media

These are the pictures my son’s friends were able to provide us with when we asked for help finding this guy. Social media stepped up to bust the vandal.


Damages have been estimated at $7200.  Our insurance has said the damages will cost more to repair than what the car is worth.  In other words, it is a write-off.  If we pay the $500 deductible, we will end up with a pittance in compensation and no car.  Here are a few pictures of the damage.

We can only assume he broke the brake light on the back spoiler while climbing onto the hood. We also don’t have (visible) proof for the dent in the door, the gouged-out rust spot, or the Toyota emblem missing off the front of the car. 

Now up to Police

We can only hope now that the police prosecute this idiotic (drunk) vandal to the fullest extent possible. I realize we will probably not recover more than the current value of the car, but it sure would be nice to see the police (or other authorities) make an example of this idiot.

Too bad Judge Judy doesn’t practice in Canada, she would be all over this guy!


I believe (and judging by the response I have received) it’s the principle of the matter that should rule here.  We are not asking for a new car.  I do think though that this guy should pay to fix the car to the condition it was in before he trashed it, regardless of what its blue book value is. 

Am I wrong? You be the judge!


The police in Kingston refused to file charges on this incident, claiming they do not want to ruin this kid’s future.

How disappointing, frustrating, and yet typical of today’s no-blame society. What a way to teach these irresponsible, disrespectful vandals a valuable life lesson.