Happy New Year Rules

This list of rules is not my own creation, (I found it on Facebook) but in my opinion it sums up some sensible advice for a happy new year…

happy new year
rules for a happy and healthy new year

Don’t Sit on the Couch and Wait, Go out, Make a Change

This is a great piece of advice.  I am always so impressed by people that make lemonade out of the lemons they are dealt with in life. Whether it’s a job, a relationship or even your appearance you are unhappy or dissatisfied with, no one is going to knock on your door with a solution.  You and you alone are the solution, or at least the instigator or driver behind the solution.

Smile More, be Excited, do New Things

Have you ever noticed how smiles and laughter are contagious?  Not only are they contagious, but they are natural mood enhancers.  Surround yourself with people that make you smile and laugh. On the flip side, remove people that make you sad or angry from your life.

Throw Away What you have been Cluttering

A good purge is good for the soul, not to mention the appearance and even the health and safety of your home.  Especially if you donate all the stuff you purge.  Purging and donating clutter is a win/win solution for both you and whomever you donate toThis rule also applies to the clutter in your mind.  While you are purging your home, be sure to purge your brain and heart too!  Get rid of the negativity.

Unfollow Negative People on Social Media

Have you noticed how negative social media can be?  Not just mildly negative, but disgustingly so.  It does not seem to matter what the intent or purpose the initial post/message has.  Nasty, negative, inflammatory retorts always outweigh the pleasant, positive comments.  Why is that?  Do people have nothing better to do than attempt to break someone down with hateful words? Whatever happened to the saying “If you can’t say anything good, keep your mouth shut”?  Or, in this case, keep your fingers still.

This negativity was blatantly obvious during our recent Canadian federal election.  Social media has its benefits for sure, but as with many other things these days, a little goes a long way.  When negativity outweighs positivity on your feeds, simply unfollow those that spread the vitriol.  I have.

Go to Bed Early, Wake up Early

I’m not sure of this piece of advice.  It must have been written by a (much) older person than me.  I do prefer late evenings more than early mornings.  I do admit to the benefits of a quick nap once in a while especially if the previous evening was very late or the current morning was very early.   The point is that sufficient sleep is important regardless of when you sleep.

Don’t Gossip

One of the downfalls of social media is the fact that people can say things without looking a person in the face when they say it.  Of course this can and does happen without the use of social media, but it sure makes it easier to do.  Gossip feeds cowardice and bullying within the perpetrators and low self esteem even depression for the victims.

Show More Gratitude

Gratitude is one of those untouchables that is equally important to give as it is to receive.  Every human deserves to feel gratitude just as every human should be grateful and demonstrate their gratitude for what they have. To improve your life, reduce or eliminate taking things or people for granted in 2020 and beyond.

Do Things that Challenge You.  Be Brave

This goes back to the very first point about getting off the couch;  you must get off the couch to challenge yourself.  Often though, change and challenges do require bravery.  Have you ever noticed how children are not as fearful of failure? On the other hand, we adults are so fearful of potential failure that we avoid challenges.   Maybe because we feel we have more to lose if we fail.  The point to remember is that challenge creates personal growth, whether the specific challenge results in success or failure.

How many of these rules can you implement in your life for 2020?  In the meantime, visit my gardening blog to see what’s not happening this winter.