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Hardy Hibiscus Show Stoppers

Hardy hibiscus are my show stoppers in my GARDENS4U gardens this August and September.  Their unbelievably vibrant blooms, often the size of a dinner plate, will literally make you stop and gawk at their incredible beauty…


I love the hibiscus so much this season that I tried some in containers and fertilized them heavily to keep them blooming all summer…

As with any plants you expect to be perennial (they come back each year) read the labels before you purchase them!  These hibiscus are called hardy because they are considered perennials in more (colder) areas than their less hardy cousins.  These are hardy to USA zone 4, which are perfect for my Ottawa gardens.  Just be careful and patient in the spring, as they are slow to recover from their winter hibernation.  Because they die back to the ground in winter here, I put a marker near mine so I don’t inadvertently disturb or throw it out during spring cleanup.

Another important fact to consider is that perennials planted in containers are less hardy (2 zones) than when they are planted in the garden.  For example, although these hibiscus are hardy to zone 4 when planted in gardens, they would only be hardy to zone 6 in containers.  That means I will be moving these gorgeous containers inside before the first frost.

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Add Beauty to Your Fall Landscape with Ornamental Grasses

One of the most beautiful garden plants in the fall season are the numerous varieties of ornamental grasses.  If you want to add one or more of these grasses to your landscape, make sure you choose ones that are hardy to your area.  In the Ottawa area I usually recommend zone 4 or lower to my clients to ensure the grasses survive our cold winters.  There are many to choose from:

These fall grasses are very easy to care for; you can cut them back to the ground when the ground freezes, or leave them blowing in the wind over the winter, and cut them to the ground in the early spring, before they start to turn green.  Whichever method you choose, you won’t be disappointed in their beauty…