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Rebellious teens

I don’t think anyone will argue that raising rebellious teens is challenging for even the best parents.  I once told my eldest son that since there is no book available to tell parents how to react to every situation, the fact that we were winging it was something he would have to accept.   We were doing the best we could with the resources we had.  

My youngest son is now eighteen, almost out of the rebellious teen phase.  We have to patiently remind ourselves that our two oldest sons have made the transition into responsible adults, so the third son will probably get there too.  I am grateful that the rebellious stages we have encountered so far have been quite mild compared to stories I have heard from parents of other families.  

My sister was not so fortunate when her daughter was a teen.  Throughout this difficult time in my sister’s life she shared many of her worries for her daughter with me.  She wondered if she, as a mother, was doing everything that she could to prevent irreparable damage in her daughter’s life.    She learned from experience that the line between helping your children and enabling them is often blurred.  

The purpose of this post is to prove that rebelious teens can and do turn out to be responsible and successful adults.  Although I had heard that my niece had worked hard to get her life under control,  I was thrilled to see the evidence last month when visiting my sister in Texas for her BIRTHDAY.   That is thrilled and proud of both my niece and my sister for their resilience and perseverance.   Married with three children of her own, my niece, now 35 years old, appears to have her head on straight, and is doing a wonderful job of raising her children.

I hope my niece realizes the stress she put on her parents growing up, but also recognizes that her parents did the best they could.  No parent is perfect in their parenting skills.  No parent does the right thing all of the time because no parent knows the right thing to do all of the time.  The lines between helping and enabling do get blurred for parents everywhere.   I hope this knowledge and advice, as well as the fact that her well-experienced mother is a valuable resource, will help my niece when her children become rebellious teens…


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Witches, wicca and common sense

As I was helping my son research information for an article assigned to his English class, I learned something about witches and was inspired to write this post.

As a child, one thinks of a witch as the mythical, evil, ugly, and scary character in a movie or story book. The witch is always distinguished in the story by their dark clothing, including a pointy hat, claw-like fingernails, and a long, hooked, wart-encrusted nose.

images (4)

As you get older you learn that witches do not necessarily have those physical characteristics. Witches simply become people that practice witchcraft, good or bad acts, for health reasons, or evil purposes.

Years ago, anyone suspected of possessing the ability to perform these extraordinary acts was considered un-Christian and hunted down in historical witch hunts.  When caught, these individuals were tried in court, with those found guilty either hung or burned to death.  This practice was common in many European countries as well as in North America.  Salem, Massachusetts is renowned for its history of witchcraft.

Today, witches are still believed to be in existence but have adopted the term Wicca, or Pagan Witchcraft, to classify themselves. To clarify, Wicca means witch in the Old English language, and people who follow the beliefs of Wicca are termed Wiccans.  Wiccans traditions are predominantly based on theology, morality, the afterlife, magic and the five elements of spirit, air, water, earth and fire.


I discovered that the Wiccan beliefs are not evil based, and not all that odd.  I must admit, however, that the morality category is the one that intrigued me the most.

The main thought process of Wiccan morality is that all actions, good or bad, performed by any individual, will be returned to that person threefold.  In simple terms, when you perform a good deed, three good or positive things will happen to you in return.   This threefold rule also applies to bad or evil deeds which are rewarded with three bad or negative things happening to the perpetrator.

I was fascinated by this belief since this rule of morality can apply to many common ideologies today:

  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  This “golden rule” has been adopted by boy and girl scouts around the world.
  • Pay it forward.  If someone does something nice for you, do something nice for someone else.
  • You reap what you sew.
  • You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  • What goes around comes around.


I believe that most of us try to do the right and ethical thing in any circumstance.  In fact, the rules of morality listed above are things we humans strive to teach our children.   It just seems like common sense to me…


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The versatile blogger award


versatilebloggeraward small_edited-1

I was recently nominated for the versatile blogger award by Inny97blog   Please check out their blog for further details.

I have been nominated for this particular award before, about a year ago, and although appreciative of the compliment, I do not like the format of these awards.  For the reasons outlined in this previous post, I will not repeat the motions of nominating others, or answering questions about myself.

I much prefer to read blogs as I find them, commenting on their content as I go.  If I enjoy the way a particular blogger writes, I will take the time to read their “about” page to dig a little deeper into their background.

If you wish to learn more about me, take the time to read my “about” page and check out my posts.


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Accident on westbound hwy 401 changes our plans

An accident on the westbound hwy 401 between Brockville and Mallorytown changed our plans yesterday.  We were headed to Kingston, but ended up sitting in an Enroute (gas station and snack bar) parking lot for 3 hours, then were finally able to turn around and come back home..


This picture, provided by the Ottawa Citizen, shows the two tractor trailers that collided early in the morning.  One was a mail truck, whose contents ended up spread across the 401 for hours.  Another vehicle involved was carrying oil, so a hazmat team was there too; I assume the white stuff in the picture is to soak up the flammable oil.  Although the accident happened in the early morning hours, the highway was still closed at 4pm. When we left the area, Canada Post employees were on site picking up the mail.

Here are some pictures I took at the site…


The moral of this story is to check the news or conditions of the highways before heading out on a long trip.  I do this for road conditions affected by weather this time of year, but never thought to do so for accidents.  There are several websites that update highway conditions regularly, the link I use is highlighted.

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The lone apple

When I looked out my kitchen window this morning, I saw a lone apple hanging in the bare branches of the apple tree in my backyard.  Here in Ottawa this time of year the trees, as well as the rest of the landscape, look pretty dreary.


Isn’t it simply amazing how Mother Nature can transform this same tree to a thing of beauty each spring?….

I don’t know about you, but now I can barely wait till spring!

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An audi, a mercedes and a BMW

What happens when an Audi, a Mercedes and a BMW fly by me on the highway?  I add my Toyota van to the convoy and decrease my drive time.  As I drove to Kingston from Ottawa this morning on hwy 401, a trio of these luxury cars approached my vehicle from the east.  They appeared to be travelling together as they stayed in the fast lane, evenly spaced apart, purring along at 130 km per hour.  It seems that I am not the only one that does this, by the time I got to the Kingston area, there were 7 cars in the convoy, with my Toyota van in the middle of the pack!

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