Erasing History, Why so Selective?

erasing history

I find it extremely annoying and disconcerting that people want to eradicate historic people and events. History is based on facts, some good and some not so good, but none that should be erased to make us feel better about ourselves. Hopefully, we have evolved enough to avoid repeating the same politically incorrect transgressions. Selectively erasing history should not be an option.

Canadians (some) Demanding all Traces of Sir John A MacDonald be Removed

Sir John A MacDonald has been on the literal hit list in Canada lately. Schools, buildings, streets, statues, bridges, and the like are being renamed because of the belief that his federal policies were suspect when he was our Prime Minister. As our very first Prime Minister, he was instrumental in our country’s development and deserves a place in our history.

I find this obsession to erase history frustrating and ridiculous. Where do we draw the line? Who decides who was bad, really bad, bad enough to wipe them out?

Erasing history
Sir John A. MacDonald, Wikipedia

What About O.J?

These feelings of disgust were re-awakened yesterday afternoon when I was watching football and O.J. Simpson’s name came up. Inducted into the football hall of fame for his prowess on the field, he is still idolized and celebrated often by commentators and fans.

I don’t know about you, but I was totally dismayed that O.J. literally got away with murder. Twice. Talk about a travesty of justice. Yes, he was convicted in a civil suit, awarding money to the families of his victims, and spent some time in the clinker, but still got away with murder in the criminal courts.

O.J. Simpson, Wikipedia

What’s the Difference?

The point of this rant? Why is there a difference between the way we are willing to acknowledge the historic actions or behaviour of Sir John A and O.J? Why does O.J. Simpson continue to be idolized and revered when Sir John A. MacDonald and other historic figures are getting toppled from our graces, shunned, with all traces of them discarded from our lives?

Life Lessons Instead of Erasing History

Learning from our mistakes should be considered valuable life lessons. We should be taught to move on and refrain (hopefully) from repeating the same mistakes. That doesn’t mean the lessons or mistakes didn’t happen and shouldn’t be acknowledged. Life lessons get chronicled in our brains, or, in some cases, our journals or diaries.

In Conclusion

It seems to me that we are offended by everything and everyone these days. If our ideologies are threatened (??) we demand all traces of the offender removed from society. If we can accept the accomplishments and talents of one man without judging him on his lifestyle, ethics, or morals, why can we not accept the valuable contributions of others?

I believe that history is in the past; we learn about people, places, and things and decide how to incorporate the good from the past into our futures. Every country in the world can dredge up unsavory actions of their leaders and heroes. It’s how the indiscretions are dealt with that should decide the success and health of the country moving forward.

Well, I feel (somewhat) better after this rant, but I would like to hear from others. Am I wrong? Or just easily offended.

Lab Leak, Meet COVID Coverup

This post was written back in April, 2020 when we (the rest of the world) were adjusting to the new normal of a covid-gripped life. Headlines this week (three years later in late February, 2023) from the likes of the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the National Post are screaming that perhaps (???) the pandemic originated from a lab leak in China. What I don’t understand is how is anyone surprised? Or, how is this news?……

This is the original, unedited post:

Will the global consequences of the COVID-19 coverup in China go unpunished and no permanent changes made? During this time of crisis, when this virus is devastating the economy and health of the rest of the world as well, it may seem inappropriate to point fingers. At what point does the world start demanding answers, accountably and change though?

What is it about China that these fast-spreading viruses keep originating there? Does anyone remember SARS in 2002 and the Asian Flu in 1956? My comments are not racially motivated, it’s not about Chinese people anywhere in the world, but about the lawmakers in China.  The coincidence is getting far too suspicious. I would be equally suspicious of any other country in the world, including my own if their irresponsible, unaccountable behaviour warranted it.

The facts speak for themselves. A concentrated population, “wet (live) markets” of livestock such as pigs and poultry, other mammals and reptiles, combined with limited sanitation and hygiene. A culture that thrives on freshly slaughtered poultry because it is tastier and healthier than refrigerated or frozen meat. All of these conditions factor into a perfect storm for these deadly viruses that can, and obviously do, rapidly mutate and jump species to infect humans.

a Chinese wet market, Wikipedia

As well as the unsanitary practice of exposing humans to raw meat, China is known for its censorship and secrecy, even bullying tactics all in the guise of controlling its reputation. Their health and safety regulations are murky at best. They also resist modern medicine, adhering to herbal treatments and acupuncture to treat emerging illnesses, even when these treatments do not show signs of working. Potential diseases have a chance to fester and incubate within their population long before anyone steps up to admit things are out of control. These actions delay global response, as we are all witness to now.

When COVID-19 first emerged in Wuhan China, it was known as “a SARS-like” virus, discovered by Dr. Li Wenliang and his cohorts. They published their fears on social media, way back in early December of 2019, but instead of being heroes and saviors, they were formally reprimanded and their warnings were completely shut down by Chinese authorities.

Sadly Dr. Li died with COVID-19 symptoms in February, before his convictions could be taken seriously and used to (potentially) prevent the global spread of the disease. After the outpouring of grief and anger from the Chinese population, an investigation (by their own government) admitted the disciplinary action against Dr. Li was “wrong” and an apology to his family was granted. Several top authorities, a few from their Communist Party as well as health officials, were fired over the mishandling of the viral outbreak. And, they did issue a ban on the sale or trade of live animals in January, albeit temporarily.

Big deal. Chinese authorities uncharacteristically apologized and admitted to their “mistake.” What about the information and grave (pun intended) message Dr. Li and his team were trying to share with the world?

For the first time in months, China supposedly has no new cases of COVID-19 infection. That is if you believe the data they share with the now ravaged, shut-down countries within the rest of the world. That means it must be time to ramp up their economic recovery plan to show the rest of the world how great they are, all while deflecting from their actions and responsibilities.

Have you heard their accusation that COVID-19 actually originated in the USA? More deflection. Rumours spread in desperation to pass the buck. Fake news, started by bored Chinese citizens in lockdown, was picked up and tweeted by authorities including their foreign ministry spokesman. Here are a few of the accusations and rumours prevalent on social media:

  • the deadly virus was brought to Wuhan by the US army.
  • COVID-19 is a biological weapon, cooked up in an American laboratory.
  • the virus was brought to China during the Military Olympic Games last October.
  • China’s emergence as a global superpower is threatening the USA, so this was a plan to slow China’s progress down.
  • the virus was deliberately released by China to eliminate the growing number of Chinese pensioners. There are over 250 million citizens, 17.3% of their population, over the age of 60. An aging population refers to a country with more than 10%.
  • 2020 is the year of the rat within the Chinese zodiac, with the transition purportedly being resisted by the aggressive rat’s predecessor the pig. That theory says things will settle down after the beginning of spring. Hmmmm, a coincidence that they have no new cases of COVID-19 now that spring has arrived?
  • pets are to blame for the spread of the virus. This came from the belief that the virus originated from bats. Pets are animals too, so must too be suspects in viral transmission.
  • alcohol could treat the virus. A Chinese epidemiologist started this rumour by saying that a concoction of ether and 75 percent ethanol (alongside chlorine-containing disinfectant and peroxyacetic acid) would be effective in eradicating the virus. He later claimed he meant alcohol should be used to disinfect, not to imbibe.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this kind of accusation and silly rumours have surfaced. And unless drastic measures are taken, it won’t be the last.

Hopefully, the time for the world to hold China accountable comes soon.


Can bees sting you more than once?

Can bees sting you more than once? They sure can, do and did; I have proof! Yesterday I was creating a planter for my front veranda of ornamental grasses and kale. I had put the planter on the lawn to avoid making too much of a mess on the veranda. I saw a bee in the adjacent garden, but didn’t pay it too much attention. When I lifted the completed arrangement up to carry it onto the veranda, I felt a sharp, prickly sensation on my upper leg, just above the hem line of my shorts. Thinking it was just a piece of plant material, (ornamental grasses can be sharp) I sort of brushed at it. (my hands were full) I then felt a second similar sting, so I set the pot down and checked my leg. A fat, fuzzy bee was latched on to my leg, working on a third sting!

I was always under the impression that bees only sting once then die. So, I googled the question; this is what I discovered:

Queen and worker bumblebees can sting. Unlike in honeybees, a bumblebee’s sting lacks barbs, so the bee can sting repeatedly without injuring itself; by the same token, the sting is not left in the wound. Bumblebee species are not normally aggressive, but may sting in defence of their nest, or if harmed.


I guess that was a bumblebee then, definitely a bee (she was fuzzy and fat) and not a wasp or a honeybee. I say “she” because I also learned that only the females sting. This picture shows the difference is their appearance…

can bees sting more than once
left to right: honeybee, bumblebee and wasp

The bumblebee bites/stings were quite distinct on my leg within seconds. I didn’t think to take pictures until today, 24 hours later. What is amazing (to me) is that the leg is still very sore, swollen and hot even though the sting marks themselves are no longer obvious.

I may go back to the scene of the crime to see if there is a bumblebee nest in that corner of my garden. I did some research on the subject, so now know what to look for. I will not harm the nest if I discover one, just want to be aware of its location to keep my grandchildren away.