Victim or Victorious: Tests and Hurdles Make or Break Us

victim or victorious

The tests and hurdles we have encountered in previous years are just that, in the past. Try to learn from each one of them and make the choice to be victorious. Victim or victorious, you decide!

Of course, it is not always that cut and dry but how you approach the hurdles or obstacles throughout your life is within your control and no one else’s. Have you noticed in life that some people seem to embrace the victim role while others dust themselves off after each obstacle and move on? Which of these two types of people do you think would tend to be more successful in their relationships, careers, and general well-being?

I know a bit about tests and hurdles as I encountered a few in my journey to create my family. I am so proud and grateful now, years later, that I persevered to be victorious instead of a victim.