String Art shows Creativity

Recently my granddaughter decided she wanted to “decorate” the dresser in my bedroom with some string art. Tis the season I guess! She loves to wander around our bedroom when I am settling her little brother down for his nap.

Buttons are Passe

She discovered my sewing storage unit a while ago. The drawers of buttons have been her favourite for months now. We have literally spent hours playing with those buttons. Throwing them into the air and watching them bounce, then organizing and sorting them before putting them back into their little drawers for next time. It is amazing how far they bounce, hubby and I are always discovering some tucked away all over our bedroom.

Embroidery Thread and String Art

Buttons are now passé, (although we are still finding them) she has since graduated to the drawers containing skeins and pieces of colourful embroidery thread, remnants of my DIY projects over the years.

I convinced her not to open the “new” (unopened) skeins, but could not resist indulging her creativity, so let her use her imagination to “decorate” with the smaller pieces. She now calls it string art.

Now I am wondering if I should clean up this string art (just to be recreated the next time she is here) or move it to an area less frequented so she can continue her masterpiece.

What’s Next

As the interest in string art wanes, who knows what will interest her next? I have seen her eyeing my jewelry boxes as she decorated my dresser…..perhaps that will be