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Christmas miracle born twenty-eight years ago today

My own personal miracle was born twenty-eight years ago today and was undeniably the best Christmas present ever.  Of course, the subsequent births of his two brothers were equally miraculous.  Many of my previous posts have described the ordeal my husband and I went through to achieve the family of three sons we have today.  You can read them here…

My three sons are all happy, healthy adults today.  The Christmas miracle I speak of is currently expecting a miracle (baby) of his own to cherish.


new family addition


What more can a mother ask for?

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Proud momma bear

Nothing makes a momma bear prouder than compliments about her children.  This past weekend as my eldest son got married, I was honored and humbled by the number of people that commented on how handsome, polite, respectful,  charming and well-rounded all three of my sons are.

I have always believed that a mother’s most important job is raising her children, so it was very rewarding to hear that others recognize that I (we, as I must give credit to my husband too) have done a decent job.

This momma bear could not be prouder!

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Mother’s Day weekend

Mother’s Day weekend is a great opportunity to get lots of chores checked off my gardening to-do list.  Unfortunately, owning a gardening business means that my own garden is low on my priority list.   Luckily, my sons are quite willing to help me work through my list on Mother’s Day weekend.

This year Saturday was spent in the company of one son helping his friend’s mother plant some trees in her yard.  Not my garden, but something I had promised to do.  He can get done in one hour what it would easily take me all day to do.  There were lots of plants that needed to be removed as well as a trench that needed to be dug before the trees went in…


As I have done for the past twenty Mother’s Days, I woke up Sunday morning missing my own mother and mother-in-law, both who left this world much too young and way too early in my life.  Why is it that you never fully appreciate something until it is gone?  Today and always, I especially long for the chance to show them both what wonderful grandsons they share…


1984 Bob & Lori's wedding D.jpeg


Back to my Mother’s Day activities this year…After enjoying a delicious Sunday brunch prepared by my youngest son…



…we headed outside to get my pond up and running for the season…



My son is grilling tonight’s dinner on the BBQ as I write this, to be served with green beans and twice baked potatoes followed by blizzards from Dairy Queen for dessert. Yummmmm….

This Mother’s Day will be capped off by a dinner out tomorrow night with all three sons and my husband.  I am a lucky woman and a very proud mother!


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Another cottage project for Father’s Day

Last year on Father’s Day our sons brought a truck load of cedars up to the cottage for us to plant along the edges of our property for a privacy screen.  The project was a great success, a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day.

Everyone who owns a cottage knows there is always something to be done there.  We are currently in the middle of renovating a patio and deck, a job we decided to prioritize when our pipes froze and required digging up.   This year for Father’s Day our sons spent the day helping their dad work on this project…

Their hard work was topped off with a jump in the lake to cool and clean off, then a BBQ dinner, before they headed back to the city for a soccer game…

Even the weather co-operated; the forecasted rain and thunderstorms held off until our ride home later that evening.  The flowers have nothing to do with the project, just thought I would add them in as they were blooming beautifully this past weekend.

Hopefully this gift of time for Father’s Day becomes a tradition; I know it is much appreciated!

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Happy 30th Anniversary to Us

These mock boarding passes were under the tree for my husband and I this year to show us what our three sons have been planning for our upcoming 30th wedding anniversary…


Our eldest son informed us that they have been saving their money since our last anniversary  to send us on a trip this coming year.  Our 30th wedding anniversary is actually May 19th, 2014 but as the tickets say, we can go anytime and anywhere we want in this wonderful world.   The only stipulations are that the trip must be outside of North America and somewhere we have never been before…

How awesome is this??  I hate to brag, but do I not have the greatest, most thoughtful  sons ever??

Decisions, decisions…….