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Roundabouts, Traffic circles: Yay or Nay?

It seems the suburban areas of Ottawa are switching residential intersections to traffic circles, AKA roundabouts. Do you love them or hate them?

I love them. Of course they only work if drivers use them properly, but the small, one lane versions are not difficult to figure out. The larger, multi-lane roundabouts can be trickier, but the more you use them, the easier it gets, often eliminating the need for full stops.

The alternatives are not nearly as efficient at controlling traffic and are quickly becoming archaic…

All Way Stops

Most of these intersections used to be “all way stops” meaning the vehicle that reached the intersection first had the right of way.

The problem with that theory is the perception of the drivers involved. Just because a driver gets there faster doesn’t necessarily mean they got there first. I have witnessed that misconception several times…so annoying!

Then you get the uber-cautious drivers that don’t realize they got there first so don’t proceed, creating a situation where everyone sits there for a minute or two looking at each other. Even more annoying!

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are great at busy intersections, but not at those not so busy ones. There is nothing worse than sitting at a red light for several minutes when there are no other vehicles in sight.

In other words, traffic lights keeps vehicles moving if you are going in the right direction. If you are sitting on a side street, waiting to turn left onto the busier of the two intersecting streets, the traffic lights certainly slow you down.

In fact, I know some drivers that purposely drive through my neighbourhood (much too fast) to avoid the traffic lights at both entrances to the area. I also know of drivers (myself included) that avoid the intersections with the traffic lights because we’ve spent one too many time sitting there twiddling our thumbs at a red light with no other vehicles in sight.

Safety Factor

I have heard the argument that traffic lights are safer for pedestrians. I know in my own neighbourhood they were installed to help children cross the road in school zones.

I have witnessed several vehicles running red lights though (in these same school zones) so the safety factor theory goes out the window there.

There is also the undeniable fact that traffic lights permit greater speeds as vehicles gather speed between green lights, so when an accident does occur the damages are significantly greater.


I do like the upsurge in traffic circles in residential neighborhoods. I believe the traffic flows consistently smoother through the intersections with no needlessly annoying stops.

What‘s your take?

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Thou Shalt not Kill: a Christian Commandment

If you were asked to rhyme off the ten commandments, supposed rules of God in Christianity, I am willing to bet “thou shalt not kill” is one of the ones you could quote.

Canadians are heartbroken and disgusted after the sickening discovery of 215 bodies of indigenous children recently at a residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia. The fear is that this horrific discovery is just the tip of a genocidal iceberg.

Residential schools were created in 1876 as free boarding schools for indigenous children, funded by the Canadian government and run by the Catholic church. In 1894 attendance became mandatory, until 1947, although the last school only closed its doors in 1996, not that long ago. The intention was to enable the children to adjust to Canadian (rather than indigenous) cultures, to convert the children to Christianity, and to civilize them. These schools were intentionally located far away from indigenous communities to limit the children’s contact with their families, fully immersing the children in their adopted (supposedly superior) culture.

Forced to speak English or French, the children were stripped of their ancestral languages and heritage. Rumours of physical and sexual abuse were rampant within the residential schools. Children that ran away were severely punished upon their return, if they returned. Many went missing, never to return, so it was reported. The dead bodies cropping up are telling a different, more sinister tale although poor record keeping and unmarked graves will make it nearly impossible to unearth the whole, ugly truth.

Back to the ten commandments. How can any religion or culture that proclaims to follow the rules of Christianity participate in such heinous acts of abuse, torture and genocide on innocent children? It makes me sick! How could those that did survive those torture-filled years ever lead normal lives afterward?

How and why are the perpetrators not held accountable for their actions? An apology is severely insufficient. This was not a single act of abuse or a simple mistake, but years of racially motivated, discriminatory, criminal acts.

Thou shalt not kill
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Home improvement in south-western Ontario

One of the (many) joys of parenthood is seeing your children evolve into successful, hardworking adults.  This also applies to the children of close friends, so whenever I can I like to share and promote their adventures and endeavors.  One such longtime friend of my husband is proud to announce that his son has started a new home improvement business with his girlfriend….
home improvment

This young couple is based in Aylmer, Ontario (west of Toronto) but will travel as far as London, Mississauga and Barrie to help you upgrade your home.  Their business is called Paint by Mimi, but they are experienced in many other types of residential upgrades too.  For affordable, reliable, and excellent home improvement services such as painting, landscaping, roofing or irrigation installations, be sure to give them a try.

Call soon for your free quote: (905)703-0047