Ruckify: Rent Just About Anything

I had heard of Ruckify, but never knew what it was really about. Until recently. I was researching dinosaur themed decorations for my grandson’s third birthday party when an advertisement for a dinosaur costume rental popped up. If you are not yet familiar with Ruckify, it is an online rental marketplace with the slogan “why buy when you can Ruckify?” Anyone can post items for people in their community to rent.

Founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2018 on a foundation of community building, environmentalism, education, and freedom, Ruckify is dedicated to changing the world and curtailing the spread of unsustainable consumerism

Ruckify website

I could have purchased this inflatable T-rex costume from Amazon for sixty bucks, but preferred the Ruckify rental (for one day) for twenty. No storage spot required! In this minimalist and sustainable world we (try to) live in, rentals make much more sense.

My grandson and his friends loved it, although a few younger party goers were a bit shy with the 7 foot T-rex. They got used to him quickly though, as he danced and played with them. The only snag we encountered is the fact that my youngest son was supposed to wear the costume for the party. In fact he was quite looking forward to chasing his nephew and birthday buddies around. When he picked up the costume, he realized at six foot, five inches in height he was too tall to fit into the suit. So, we had to improvise. Before he arrived at the party with the costume, I had coerced a shorter uncle (not one of my sons) to play the role.

Like most other three year old boys, my grandson is obsessed with dinosaurs. He loved this T-Rex and ran around taunting it so it would chasing him, taking refuge under tables or hiding out in the bouncy castle to take a breather. That’s him in the green (you guessed it, dinosaur) outfit that Santa brought him this past Christmas.

I bet he slept well last night, if he didn’t have nightmares!