Christmas Lights Contest Winner

Chistmas lights

I am delighted to say the Christmas lights display on our home was chosen by our neighborhood association as a winner in the 2013 Christmas Holiday Season Lighten the Night Contest here in the Kanata suburb of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  In previous posts, I showed you pictures from the inside of my home looking out.  This picture is taken from the street looking at our home.

Chistmas lights

My son and I put the lights up in early December.  I am the designer that chooses the color combinations and my son is the one that climbs up the ladders and trees to place the lights exactly where I tell him to; we make a great team. I love the look it creates, especially with the all the snow we have received this year.  Although we live on a fairly quiet crescent in the Katimavik/Hazledean area of Kanata with very little traffic, we have received many compliments from our neighbors that drive by our home daily.   I love coming home in the evening to see our colorful light display as you come around the corner onto our end of the street.

I tried to persuade my son to put the lights up earlier, before the cold weather and snow arrived, but could not convince him to rush the season.   My husband used to have the honor of putting up the Christmas lights, but always seemed to put the job off until the freezing temperatures arrived, so with the prospect of freezing fingers every year, was quite happy to relinquish the job to our son a few years ago.   Our son works in the construction industry, and so is quite comfortable climbing ladders and working with his hands outdoors in the cold.

The lights in the neighborhood remind me of a Christmas tradition my parents had when I was young; we used to pile into the family station wagon and drive around Cornwall, Ontario to visit many of the decorated homes, choosing our favorite displays of lights and Christmas decor.

My father was always the one in my family that decorated our home for the holidays and admired the creativity of others; I know he would be proud of our achievement!