Reverse Advent Calendar

This idea of a reverse advent calendar is wonderful and a great way to teach your children to think of the less fortunate instead of themselves.  Skip the routine chocolate/candy advent calendar and try this instead.

When my sons were young we helped deliver Christmas food baskets that their schools had filled.  I will always remember the proud moment when one of my sons (I cannot remember which one or which event) commented “I like how it makes me feel inside when I do something nice for someone else.”

Our family also used to participate in Operation Christmas Child sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse.  For this project, we filled empty shoeboxes with small toys, school and art supplies, or other things kids would love.  Convenient drop-off locations made it very simple to donate to a great cause.  We even received pictures (after Christmas) of children around the world opening the boxes.

reverse advent calendar and Samaritans purse

Of course, we should donate all year round and not just at Christmas time. The reverse advent calendar and Samaritan’s Purse are powerful learning tools for our kids and grandkids during the season of giving. There are numerous ways to spread the giving spirit throughout the rest of the year.

Kindness and compassion for others never get old! And the world could definitely use more of both.