Rakuten: Get Cash Back When You Shop!


Is it too soon to talk about shopping? I know many of us have had our fill of shopping with the holiday season so recently behind us, but some things we have to buy anyway, Christmas or not. Not to mention, there are lots of deals to be had this time of year. Check out Rakuten to earn rebates when you shop, it’s that easy.


What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is an awesome online shopping site that gives you cash back and rewards when you shop with them. Formerly known as Ebates, they were founded way back in 1998. There are currently over 750 stores to shop from, including Hudson’s Bay, Indigo.ca, Canadian Tire, Old Navy, and Sephora. Instead of shopping on individual retailer websites, you shop with Rakuten. It’s very simple.

Why Shop This Way?

You get paid to shop for things you’re already buying. Why not get a rebate back? Or, things you want that you could get for cheaper; bargains are much appreciated these days. Plus, get a $30 Cash Bonus when you join today!

International Options

Although Rakuten is an international shopping rewards program, I use the Canadian site. For fellow readers inclined to shop from Canadian stores to support our economy, do the same. Anyone else should check out which of the participating thirty countries or regions is most convenient to you.

No Membership or Sign-up Fees!

Joining Rakuten does not require sign-up or membership fees either.

Add Rakuten to Google Chrome

You can add a button in Google Chrome (click the link and follow the steps) so when you are shopping online, you will be notified if you are perusing the site of one of the stores Rakuten is affiliated with. That way you won’t forget to get your rewards. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy as my granddaughter would say.

How Do They get Paid?

It works by affiliate links. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything technical. Basically, the stores pay Rakuten for these links so you can experience one-stop shopping and get rewarded. Log onto their site, click on a participating store, and you will be notified what percentage of the cost you will be rewarded with. Yes, it’s that simple, I promise.

Rakuten gets paid, the stores get paid, and you get paid.

OMG, I sound like Oprah!

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Endy Mattress, Chiropractor Approved!

endy mattress

We just purchased a new Endy mattress for our cottage. Now that we are spending more time there and less time at home, it was time for an upgraded mattress at the lake. After researching our options online, we ordered the mattress and it was delivered to our door (at no extra charge) two days later. We transported it to our cottage easily in the back of our minivan, took it out of the box, and voila, the mattress developed right in front of our eyes.

Who is Endy?

If you have not yet heard of Endy, let me educate you by leading you to their blog. Learn why buying an Endy mattress online might be the way to go for you too. These are just a few of the reasons I was convinced. The fact that they are endorsed by chiropractors helped too.

Endy Mattress

The comfort level is incredible too. I also love the fact that I get a good night’s sleep regardless of how restless my husband sleeps. I used to complain that when he flipped over, I flopped too; I’m hoping the new mattress will lessen the flips and flops. After all, a good night’s sleep is important for overall health and wellness.

Made in Canada

Of course, I love the fact that these incredibly comfortable, supportive, and convenient mattresses are made right here in Canada. Shopping local has become increasingly important to many within the past few years, including me.

Endy mattress

Accessories to Endy Mattress

On the Endy website, there are many accessories to choose from as well. From bed frames to pillows and sheets, everything you need to complete your new sleeping quarters is at your fingertips.

Referral Link

If you decide to order your own Endy, use my referral link to earn us both money!

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Ebates for Online Shopping

Ebates for online shopping

Have you tried Ebates yet for online shopping?  It is a free website that actually pays you cash to shop.  Instead of points, you get a specific percentage of cashback with each purchase.  Different stores offer different percentages of cashback.   Unlike many other online shopping sites, Ebates included stores ship to Canada as well as to the USA. 

Participating stores include Old Navy, Amazon, Forever 21, Microsoft, Dyson, Lululemon, and many more. Over 750 stores to choose from, with many of your favourites included.

Ebates for online shopping
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

What are you waiting for?  Try Ebates today, to finish (or start) your Christmas shopping.  Membership is free and easy to set up.


Ebates is now called Rakuten. The premise is the same as are the rewards. Basically, you get money back for buying things you may or may not need. Online shopping has become so convenient, especially with longstanding pandemic restrictions. It certainly doesn’t hurt when you are rewarded to shop with money back with every purchase.

Try it today to discover how easy it is to both spend and earn money. It seems counterintuitive, but if you limit your shopping to things you were planning to buy anyway, it makes sense to do so using a reward program like Rakuten.

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