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Fix and Prevent Mixed Messages to Your Nervous System

This simple anology comes from a recent newsletter from Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic:

How Does the Nervous System Work?

The nervous system-the brain, spinal cord, and nerves-connects every part of the body into one vast communication highway. The nerves communicate with each other via chemical and electrical messages. These messages, which are passed along between the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and the rest of the body, keep everything connected, coordinated, and optimized on both a cellular and a body level. This includes basic cell and organ function as well as higher-level brain function such as thinking, learning, and memory.

The health of our nervous system impacts the way our body functions. Factors that can affect nerve health include chronic inflammation, spinal misalignment, injury, and poor mental health.

Telephone Game

As a kid, did you ever play the game called “Telephone” where a bunch of kids sat in a circle with one whispering a message into their neighbour’s ear, who in turn passed the message onto the next person in the circle and so on? The last person to receive the message would then communicate what they heard- usually a version which did not in the least resemble the original message!

When the delicate communication highway in the nervous system is compromised, it can quickly turn into a game of telephone, with less amusing results. Messages become delayed, crossed, and totally misinterpreted, and the body falls into a state of dysfunction.

Chiropractic Care Can Fix and Prevent Mixed Messages

To prevent these mixed messages from happening, it is vital to keep the lines of communication within our nervous systems open and as unencumbered as possible. Regular chiropractic adjustments help to correct spinal misalignment, ensuring that every part of our body receives the correct messages to function optimally.

Fix and Prevent Mixed Messages to Your Nervous System
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Chiropractic Care: How the Nervous System Controls the Body

Chiropractic care relies on the fact that the nervous system is the master controller of the human body. The human body can heal itself when the brain within the nervous system communicates with the injured organs or tissues to correct problems by advising the injured areas to build new tissue.  However, this response can only happen if there is no interruption or interference in the flow of nerve impulses to the injured areas.  If there is an interruption or interference, the injured area cannot receive the message from the brain.

An interruption in this flow of nerve impulses, which by the way have been reported to travel at three hundred miles an hour, caused by a misalignment of the spine due to injury, mistreatment, or improper care, is called a subluxation. Subluxations are caused by tension in the body as the result of physical, emotional, or chemical stresses which are all stored the same way, one treated no different than the other. When a subluxation lasts for a while, various symptoms occur within the patient, depending on which part of the body is affected.  Because the energy in nerve impulses travel from the brain, down the spinal cord, dispersing through the vertebrae to all areas of the body, a subluxation can occur anywhere in the body that the nerves are located.  Sometimes patients experience pain, tingling, or numbness, yet other times the patient appears to be pain-free but claims to tire quickly, be very susceptible to colds, or simply exhibits poor posture.

Chiropractors treat patients by correcting these subluxations or misalignments in the spine with gentle adjustments of the spine.  Results are usually felt quickly and last much longer, often permanently, compared to the temporary relief provided by prescription or over-the-counter medication.  These medications are discouraged as they can also cause negative side effects, sometimes worse than the original injury or complaint.

Common symptoms experienced when a subluxation is present are low energy and excessive fatigue, sciatica, fibromyalgia, indigestion and heartburn, neck or shoulder pain, back or knee pain, vertigo, decreased joint mobility, headaches, and more.

Good health should not relate to the absence of negative symptoms, but should instead be considered a state of physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  Chiropractors treat patients by recognizing the lifestyle changes necessary to improve overall better health, recommending these changes to provide clients with individual health goals.  They will also provide support, motivation, and inspiration on an ongoing basis.

Find a chiropractor in your neighbourhood by searching online for and visiting websites that provide valuable educational information as well as their contact information.  Or, ask around, many of your friends, family, or coworkers may have already done the homework for you and found a chiropractor they are comfortable with.

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Chiropractic Care for Families

Holistic medicine is based on the scientific fact that the body has a natural ability to heal itself given the correct environment and lifestyle.  This is due to the fact that the neurological system controls every function of the human body.  Many chronic medical conditions can be prevented and corrected with knowledge and simple lifestyle changes.

A chiropractor can help identify these simple lifestyle changes and help achieve overall better health by sharing knowledge and expertise as well as providing support, inspiration, and motivation.  They believe people are ultimately responsible for their own wellbeing and optimal health but are willing to provide the members of the community they work in with the chance and instructions on how to achieve their personal health goals.  Chiropractors can provide education and personalized recommendations for individual health goals so clients can take control of their lives, living to their full potential.

Chiropractic care can also correct the causes of many painful chronic symptoms and conditions through corrective adjustments of the neurological imbalances they identify in individuals visiting their wellness offices.  When the underlying cause is corrected through chiropractic care, patients see results much faster and more consistently than treatment with pain medication which can only provide temporary relief, not to mention possibly aggravate conditions creating even more undesirable symptoms.

Chronic symptoms and conditions treated by chiropractors include decreased hip mobility, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, heartburn and indigestion, ear ringing, fibromyalgia, vertigo, sciatica, as well as fatigue, and low energy.

From the brain nerve impulses travel down the spinal cord and then branch out between the vertebrae to all areas of the body. If the vertebrae are unable to move properly due to injury or improper care, pressure is placed on the nerves causing pain.  When this happens, all of the potential energy carried by the nerve cannot reach the organs and tissues that it should.  Adjustments to the spine by a chiropractor can re-align the vertebrae and relieve the pressure on the nerves permitting increased flow of energy to the affected organs and tissues resulting in pain relief.

Chiropractic care within the community can be beneficial for sports injuries, children, pregnant moms, and even corporations wishing to cut back on time missed due to medical reasons.  A chiropractor can be found through their websites which can provide very valuable information, educational videos, contact information, and even blogs to communicate and share experiences with staff and fellow clients. Another way to find a chiropractor you are comfortable with is to request references from your friends and fa

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