Naturopathic Healthcare

naturopathic healthcare

I was reminded recently of the efficiency and thoroughness of naturopathic healthcare. This is not my first time relying on a naturopath to get me sorted out. Way back in 2011, it was also a naturopath that figured out my wheat intolerance. I’m not sure why it took me so long to contact her for help this time, perhaps my memory is not as sharp as it used to be.

Shortage of Doctors

If you follow this blog, you will know of the problems I’ve been dealing with. In short, my family physician or general practitioner (GP) retired early in 2021, and I haven’t been able to find a replacement. I’ve been on many waiting lists and have phoned around every few months to see if anyone in my area is taking on new patients. To no avail. I did manage to speak to someone at the Champlain Screening Outreach Program to make sure my screening tests are up to date. And, was able to book a ten-minute appointment at a clinic to see a physician to discuss one issue. More than one issue would require a second (or third) appointment.

The Advantages of Naturopathic Medicine

One of the greatest advantages (in my opinion) of naturopaths is that they listen to, document, and attempt to decipher ALL of your symptoms and concerns at once. None of this “one issue at a time” in ten-minute appointments. Many times multiple symptoms or issues are connected to each other, so attempting to connect the dots is much appreciated. Not to mention much more efficient.

The services Kandis Lock offers include treatment for both chronic (long-term or recurring) and acute (sudden, new, severe) conditions such as:

naturopathic healthcare

Also included in the extensive list of services are women’s health, digestive disorders, cancer care, and fertility issues.

The Disadvantages

The only disadvantage to naturopathic healthcare (in my opinion) is that it is not covered by our provincial health plan. My personal health insurance does cover the costs though (up to a certain amount) so I will be reimbursed for the expense. If the expense is an issue, be sure to check your individual health insurance plan before seeking the help of a naturopath.

Also relevant is the fact that naturopaths cannot order scans (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc) so for those you would have to find a traditional doctor.

What’s Involved with Naturopathic Healthcare?

In my case, my naturopath visit happened online. In forty-five minutes all of my concerns were addressed, a plan was laid out, and blood tests were ordered. What a difference!

Cost of my services: reimbursable………cost of peace of mind: priceless!