Researching Aching Joints and More


I have much more time in the winter (off-season for a garden business) months for reading, writing, and researching. While many of my blog posts are based on my personal experiences, I try to toss in some educational and informative ones too. Especially on the health and wellness topic. For those, I thoroughly research the information that I share. “Fake news” and information is not only misleading but can also be dangerous.

Research Sources

While Google is handy, information on there is often based on personal experiences, suspicions, and opinions. You have to weed through the postings to find legitimate, accurate, reliable sources. Someone’s personal blog may or may not be a reliable source, mine included.

Postings from medical institutions or websites have a little more credibility behind them. I like the following:

Researching Joint Care

One of the health issues I am extremely interested in is joint health. Recently I received this video (via email) from Dr. Levitt and Team Metabolic Factor at UpWellness:

It is long and does promote a product (as most do). I found it interesting since the content is very similar to my own research on healthy, pain-free joints. I like the fact that Dr. Levitt deals in naturopathic medicine, something I wholeheartedly support, and the reason I listened to the whole video. It was a form of research.

Dr. Joshua Levitt runs one of the most highly respected holistic medicine practices in New England. He sees patients and serves as a clinical preceptor for the Yale School of Medicine. In practice, Dr. Josh draws upon both conventional and naturopathic medicine, artfully combining the two into a unique “best of both worlds” approach.

Conventional medicine has made many strides and certainly has an important role in our health care systems globally. However, the overuse and dependence on prescription drugs to treat symptoms are morally wrong. In my opinion anyway. Big Pharma companies control that market; their existence relies on doctors prescribing pills.

I learned the ingredients in the Golden Revive pills advertised contain ingredients I use in my own customized smoothies.

researching golden revive

Hmmmm. Now I’m wondering if my aching joints upon return to Canada from Mexico were caused by the lack of my morning smoothie and not just the collagen.

Are you a smoothie junkie? Let me know your secret recipe!