Who Loves Each Other More by Andrew Waines

A few years ago I introduced you to Andrew Waines and his music. Still going strong in the music industry, Andrew has just released his latest original tune. Check out Who Loves Each Other More on the platform (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and more) of your choice.

While you are at it, listen to Andrew’s other originals and covers on his website.

Tears are not Enough and other Christmas music on Majic 100.3 FM

There is nothing like Christmas music to get you into the holiday spirit…


While Christmas music never fails to inspire me, it also makes me realize how lucky we in Canada are to be able to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones.

Yesterday, while sitting in a dentist chair, I heard the song “Tears are not Enough” on Majic 100’s radio station.  “Tears are not Enough” is a single musical collaboration produced in Canada, in 1985, to raise money for the victims of famine in Ethiopia.  A group of Canadian talents such as singer Bryan Adams and songwriter David Foster came up with the hit under the banner Northern Lights.

The lyrics and voices of Northern Lights and Tears are not Enough were powerful back in 1985, raising more than 3 million dollars for charity.   Today the lyrics continue to be powerful and are especially appropriate and meaningful with all of the unrest in the world.  Take a moment to read the lyrics and listen to the video…

      “Tears Are Not Enough”

As every day goes by
How can we close our eyes
Until we open up our heartsWe can learn to share
And show how much we care
Right from the moment that we startSeems like overnight
We see the world in a different light
Somehow our innocence is lostHow can we look away
‘Cause every single day
We’ve got to help at any costWe can bridge the distance
Only we can make the difference
Don’t ya know that tears are not enough

If we can pull together
We could change the world forever
Heaven knows that tears are not enough

It’s up to me and you
To make the dream come true
It’s time to take our message everywhere

C’est l’amour qui nous rassemble
D’ici ?l’autre bout du monde
Let’s show them Canada still cares
You know that we’ll be there

If we should try together you and I
Maybe we could understand the reasons why
If we take a stand every woman, child and man
We can make it work for God’s sake lend a hand


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Music is the Universal Language

There is no doubt that music is the universal language.  I have just returned from Earl of March High School where the junior and senior bands performed for an enthusiastic audience consisting of kindergarten through grade six students from Roland Michener Elementary School.

It was heart warming to see the response from the audience, ranging from the mere toe tapping of the older students that were mostly slumped in their seats, to the wiggling, bouncing, dancing, arm waving, younger kids that were perched on the edges of their seats.  The diversity of students present from both schools proved that  music is indeed the universal language, capturing the interest of all ages as well as all ethnic backgrounds.

It is unfortunate in this era of budget cuts that music is one of the first programs schools lose, especially when it has been proven that students who are encouraged to develop their music skills in school have better grades in mathematics and other subjects.

Kudos to Andrea Lypchuk, Krista Norton and Gord Birkenshaw, the dedicated music teachers from EOM, for sharing  their obvious love of music with their students,  and to Cassia Lane, the principal of Rolland Michener school, for enticing her students into a school music program.  Each of these teachers must be commended for recognizing the important role that music, the universal language, plays in the lives of our children.