September the New July?

Normally fall or autumn is my least favourite season as all the plants in my gardens start to die off in preparation for the winter ahead.  The calendar says September 21st was the first day of autumn, but Mother Nature is displaying something quite different this year. We have had the most beautiful summer-like weather lately here in Ottawa, more summer-like than June, July, and August. This weather has me wondering if September is the new July!

The gardens I work in are all confused.  Many perennials such as roses, clematis, and weigela have rebloomed. I’m not complaining mind you, but it is strange. As my business is so weather dependent, I like to garden as late as possible into the season.

Others, such as peonies and bleeding hearts, usually look unsightly around this time of year. Instead, they are still green and lush.   Coneflowers have been in bloom all summer and continue to look great.  

The monarch butterflies are loving the lasting blossoms too, hopefully, the strangely warm weather doesn’t confuse their migration schedule. The bees, both honey and bumble varieties are still a-buzzing too.

September new July

Is September the new July?  If this is autumn, I’ll take it, weird or not!