Mid-September Blooms in Gardens4me

mid-September blooms

Cooler days and nights in mid-September make for much easier gardening while prolonging the beauty of the gardening season. Some of my favourite mid-September blooms this time of year are the cool-season, perennial ornamental grasses. There are so many varieties to choose from these days, but my favourite is still what I call “fireworks,” for obvious reasons. Its real name is Maiden Grass Silberfeder or Miscanthus Sinensis. Whatever you call it, it is gorgeous!

Also included in my mid-September blooms are a repeat of the perennial geranium, the long-lasting roses, and the striking yellow cone flower, pictured below:

This beautiful red hibisus also puts on a show in mid-September….

as does this coleus. I love the way the colours appear to be splattered across the leaves, with no distinct pattern. Like the grasses mentioned above, there are tons of coleus varieties to choose from. I use them frequently in containers, for shady spots. Speaking of containers, all the ones I planted in May are still contributing to my mid-summer blooms in all of my gardens.


With frost in the forecast for a few nights this week, who knows what next week will bring. Hopefully, we have not seen the last of these gorgeous mid-September blooms…….stay tuned!

Pink “Ann” Magnolia: Gorgeous!

My pink magnolia is blooming in this beautiful weather, and it is gorgeous! This beauty is an “Ann” variety, hardy to zone 4….

The bright pink magnolia is in my back yard, while the white star magnolia I posted pictures of a few weeks ago is in a more protected (from north winds) area in my front yard. I can get away with zone 5 plants there. In case you missed how spectacular it was, this is what it looked like…

magnolia blossom

Both of these varieties bloom before their leaves appear, a unique and striking feature of magnolia trees.

What a Difference a Day Makes

flowering shrubs

Don’t you just love spring?  It seems every day something new is popping up in my garden.  Saturday we had a beautiful spring-like day and by the end of it my daffodils were blooming…..

Monday evening my magnolia was looking promising under the low light at dusk…

By noon Tuesday, a few magnolias were in full bloom, with bees buzzing happily from blossom to blossom…

Wednesday brought more blossoms with cloudy skies and wind, lots of wind…

Today the magnolia blossoms are soggy in the rain….