Grocery Store Changes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you have noticed the changes in your favourite grocery store.

Plastic vs Paper

Years ago our groceries were packed in paper bags or boxes. To save trees (the popular cause at the time) these tree-reliant products were replaced with the now banned plastic bags.

For a few years, before they were completely banned, we were forced to pay for the plastic bags.

grocery store

Reusable Cloth Bags, are They Sanitary?

These cloth bags are popular, I use them too, but the retired laboratory technologist in me cringes at the prospect of the bacteria their soft surfaces inevitably collect at a grocery store. Especially when plastic bags were not even available at checkouts for meat purchases. Yuk!

Not to mention the viruses. Did you notice that cashiers were not touching these bags or even permitting them on their conveyor belts during the pandemic?

I disinfect mine often but am willing to bet that many others don’t.

To protect my cloth bags, I also grab an extra couple of plastic bags from the produce department to wrap my meat purchases in.

Reusing Plastic Bags

Most households in my generation or older reuse(d) the plastic bags with a stash somewhere in their homes, garages, cottages etc. In fact, my hubby just joked that we will have to go back to Florida (where plastic bags are still used to package purchases at most stores) to replenish our supply.

We didn’t need rules or by-laws to tell us the advantages of reusing.

Plastic Containers

Is it my imagination or now that plastic bags have been banned, does everything appear to be packaged in plastic? From bulk items to fresh herbs to fruit.

Some of this plastic packaging is of the sturdy type that I assume would take longer to break down than the flimsy, hole-prone bags we used to pack our groceries in. All of a sudden my blue bin is full of these containers which means more recycling and less garbage at the curb. In turn, this should achieve the goal of less dumping into landfills. Right?

Are we too stuck on banning plastic straws to seek a proactive approach? If the world is so fixated on plastic spilling into our oceans, why not put research into finding an efficient way of disposing of it?

Littering is the Problem

Littering is the problem here. Banning plastic straws, bags or water bottles so they don’t wash up on our shores or litter our roadsides seems somewhat misguided.

Instead, should we not teach our children and grandchildren to be responsible and respectful of the environment by properly disposing of our garbage instead of littering?

Oops, this post was not intended to turn into (another) rant on landfills. Let’s get back to the one about the grocery store changes.

Self Checkouts

Admittedly, I belong to the less tech-savvy generation that prefers a human cashier to the increasingly popular self-checkout options. Especially for a large grocery order.

grocery store

I’m guessing those that approve of self checkouts do so for their convenience and speed.

I do too when I have just a few items. My impatient streak has been known to show up in these instances when I’m in a hurry and behind several overflowing carts escorted by those prepared to spend the day in the store.

What changes at the grocery store are you most annoyed with?

Team Planting Introduces Essential Oils

Team Planting has recently added essential oils to its lineup of products. If you read my posts you will know I am enamoured with their jewelry line crafted from natural crystals. I’m also a fan of essential oils.

What Essential Oils Can Do for You

I use essential oils for many purposes including bug spray, (especially for mosquitoes), air freshener, fragrance (rose hip is my favourite), skincare, and more.

Natural Pain Relief

Team Planting is currently promoting a potent blend of five essential oils called Sandalwood that promises maximum pain relief:

  • Sandalwood oil: acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, reducing pain associated with internal inflammation.
  • Tea tree oil: Contains methyl salicylate, known for its ability to relieve pain. You may recognize the compound salicylate, commonly known as aspirin.
  • Osmanthus oil: also an anti-inflammatory, used to alleviate pain in arthritis sufferers.
  • Jasmine oil: also contains analgesic (pain relief) and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Peppermint oil: Known to cool and reduce pain associated with headaches, cramps, and injured muscles.

This combination of essential oils is capable of soothing even the most severe arthritic (both osteo and rheumatoid versions) and back pain (including sciatica) as well as debilitating pain associated with fibromyalgia, migraines, osteoporosis, neuropathy, menstrual cramps, muscle soreness and/or injury.


Many people, including myself, don’t like the side effects of prescription drugs for pain management.

If you suffer from chronic pain, essential oils might be the natural alternative you’re looking for to manage your discomfort and pain.

This is convenient timing for me as I have had issues with my previous essential oil supplier. If you decide to order, be sure to use LOREEEBEE my coupon code.

team planting

Natural Crystals by Team Planting

the power of natural crystals

Do you believe in the power of natural crystals? Have you ever heard of their power? I admit that, although I have heard the claims over the years, I’ve never paid much attention to them.

Recently, I read about Team Planting and their efforts to improve our general and mental health as well as the environment. What do the two have in common? If your curiosity is piqued like mine was, read on!

The Power of Natural Crystals

Natural crystals are reported to enable the wearer to maintain focus, improve confidence, eliminate or reduce anxiety, promote healing, and provide fulfillment in their life.

Who doesn’t need that kind of power in today’s stressed-out, post-pandemic, economy-tanking, climate-changing global environment? It’s no surprise that mental health is said to be at an all-time low around the world.

Who and What is Team Planting?

Team Planting

The Team Planting website sums up their mission this way:

Our jewelry, crafted from natural, recycled, and reclaimed materials, not only enhances the beauty of our delicate ecosystems but also aids in their preservation.

Through your purchase, you support reforestation projects, restore habitats, and recover areas damaged by forest fires which have increased in both frequency and severity. Together we can directly help the environement by planting new trees.

Team Planting focuses on jewelry crafted from sustainable, natural, recycled, or reclaimed products with the preservation of ecosystems in mind. The gorgeous, natural crystals used in this stunning, high-quality jewelry have been around for millions of years.

Natural stones are a rare and valuable resource found in the soil. People often buy gemstone jewelry to adorn themselves simply because of the stone’s innate beauty.

Team Planting

The various forms of jewelry are suitable for both men and women. Natural crystals featured in the jewelry include amethyst, turquoise, tiger’s eye, quartz, copper, hematite, obsidian, malachite, opal, rhodonite, onyx, and lapis lazuli, just to name a few. The bracelets, rings, and necklaces are all gorgeous; it is challenging to choose a favourite.

Reforestation and Team Planting

Global reforestation efforts not only help the environment but also protect the habitats so crucial to animal and plant species that are currently destined for the extinction list. Replacing burned or human-ravaged trees and plants means less atmospheric carbon dioxide which is healthier for everyone and everything.

One Tree Planted is an additional initiative by Team Planting with the goal of assisting reforestation efforts across the country. This effort is especially significant with the increase in forest fires this summer. The amount equal to one tree will be planted for every purchase made on their website.

The Power of Natural Crystals
One Tree Planted

Creating Good Karma

Do you believe in karma?

The concept is pretty simple: do good and good karma will come to you. The opposite is said to be true as well with bad karma the reward for bad behaviour.

Do you remember the old (seemingly long-forgotten or currently out of practice) proverb “do unto others as you would have done to yourself?” Team Planting and good karma expand this concept by suggesting we should do for others without expecting anything (materialistic) in return.

The power of natural crystals is said to unleash good karma for the wearer by spreading positivity which in turn creates a difference around the world.

Purchase Jewelry to Show Your Support

Check out the extensive, uniquely elegant jewelry selection and use my referral code to order your favourite(s).

I love them all, and am now the proud owner of a Rainforest Jasper Sea Turtle Tranquility bracelet as well as a Triple Protection bracelet featuring Tiger’s Eye, Obsidian, and Hematite. Check out this video:

I can already envision a few of these natural crystal pieces of jewelry as Christmas stocking stuffers!