Landish: Daily Dose of Health & Wellness

I was recently introduced (online, through research) to Landish, when searching for a source of collagen to help my arthritic joints this winter.

What or Who is Landish?

In their own, better than I could describe, words…

Landish grew from our struggle to establish a wellness routine that was sustainable both for us and the environment. On our quest to overcome the ailments of modern life and feel our very best, we began to discover clean, earth-friendly ingredients that carry with them both deep ancestral tradition and support from modern science.

Through a process of research, creation and iteration, we bring to you the very best of these ingredients, curated and combined into delicious, crave-worthy recipes for a daily dose of wellness.

Inspired from a Middle English word:



1. From our land; native.

Products I Have already Tried (and love) from Landish

That pitch convinced me to give their products a try. The fact that Landish is a Canadian company and these days I am all about buying local sealed the deal. So far I have tried their marine collagen…

Although collagen is a protein naturally found within the connective tissue (ligaments, muscles, tendons and skin) of our bodies, its abundance decreases with age. Like many other things, unfortunately.

I add this marine collagen to my daily smoothies for my arthritis as mentioned, but also for the benefits collagen provides to my aging bones, muscles, skin, hair and nails. This brand is tasteless and blends in smoothly to my morning concoctions.

The second product I have tried is the Turmeric Ginger Latte….

I love this combination of turmeric, ginger, cardamom and coconut milk, especially before bedtime. Do you remember drinking warm milk as a child/teen to help you sleep at night? This is an updated version, as everyone knows (or should know) how good turmeric is for you.

With my last order from Landish I received an assortment of their Superfood Bars as a bonus.

Landish for health and wellness

High in protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals, low in cholesterol, carbs (sugar) and sodium, these bars are convenient snacks to have on hand. Flavours such as apple cinnamon, vanilla coconut, vanilla chai and double chocolate make them much more palatable than most other protein bars. I will have to make sure to order some more for summer gardening snacks.

My Try Next List

I have a few other Landish products on my wish list to try next. They include the various flavours of mushroom (??!!) lattes and hot chocolates. Although I have read about the multiple health benefits of mushrooms, I never would have thought to include them in hot chocolate, lattes or smoothies…


If you are in the market for health supplements in a powder form, easily added to smoothies, coffee, milk or tea, check out Landish. Another page on their website lists recipes using many of their products, making it even easier to try them out.

If you do decide to try Landish products, please use my referral link! That will ensure I try more products sooner and pass on my opinions to you.

Delivery is free if your order is over $50 anywhere in Canada or the continental US. If you live in the US, please use this site to order from.

Christmas Magic: Inedible Gingerbread Cookies turn into Trifle

Last week, with the rest of my Christmas baking, I made a batch of gingerbread cookies that turned out awful.   They were much too strong tasting. My husband said they had a licorice taste to them, but I know it was just too much ginger, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg. I had halved the recipe I found online for a gluten-free version of my favorite cookies, but half the amount of spices called for was still way too much. Half of the recipe still made a ton of cookies, especially when no one was eating them. Normally cookies disappear fast around here…

While wondering what to do with the inedible gingerbread cookies, I had a brainstorm and looked for a gingerbread trifle recipe online. Like the old adage, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade! I found a few recipes to guide me, and then modified them to include  ingredients I already had in the house…

After crumbling cookies in a glass bowl for the bottom layer, I added ice-cream for the second layer. I used a Chapman’s Premium Ice Cream named Holiday Twist, a delicious blend of mint and chocolate ice creams with candy cane chunks, available only at Christmas time.   More crumbled cookies made up the next layer, which was then topped off with whipped cream and then sprinkled with hot chocolate powder.  The hot chocolate powder was Presidents Choice holiday version, also containing mint flavor and chunks of candy cane.

The end result was not too bad, a little sweet for my tastes, but it disappeared faster than the cookies alone would have. The cookie layer was still quite gingery, but softened by the sweetness and creaminess of the other ingredients.  The hot chocolate powder made the top layer too gritty in texture; in retrospect I realized that I should have mixed the hot chocolate powder with hot milk or water first to dissolve the crystals to give the trifle a smoother texture…