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Enjoy this guest post that originally appeared on As many of us are stuck at home in this pandemic, or at least have our activities restricted, we can all use cardio workouts that don’t require expensive equipment or gym memberships. Check it out!

September 02, 2020 3 min read

Since April this year, Lauren and Katie have been sharing how they are getting high naturally by biohacking at home in our #HackAtHome. HigherDOSE fans have been sharing their #HackAtHome photos on Instagram, and we love seeing what you guys have been up to! 

Recently we shared some easy ways to detox at home to give you a good, deep cleanse to get a fresh start this autumn. Today, we’re back with a list of cardio workouts you can do at home to get your sweat on! Whatever your fitness goals – losing weight, toning, coming back from an injury – these workouts will get your blood flowing and calories burning. Here are just a few of our favorite at-home workouts. 

10-Minute Cardio

Crunched for time? There are tons of 10-minute cardio workouts that can help you get your sweat on in between work calls, family time, happy hour, whatever. Look for something HIIT style: maximum reps, minimum duration. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. The basic concept is that you burn a ton of calories in very little time. Here are a few 10 minute cardio HIIT workouts you could try: 

You’ll give 100% over those 10 minutes and work up a sweat – but then it will be over! Short and sweet, right?

Banded Workouts

Add in some resistance bands to simple moves like squats and lunges to really feel the burn. The Zoe Report recommends workouts from Tone It Up, a fitness brand that uses resistance bands for sculpting and cardio at home. Banded workouts give you the benefit of boosting your heart rate with the added challenge of upping the intensity of your favorite basic bodyweight moves. For a tough workout, alternate between two different exercises with no rest in between. 

The Lagree Method

Not into heavy breathing? We get that. You can still have a super-intense workout without bands and burpees. Try the Lagree Method, a high-intensity, low-impact workout that emphasizes circuit training. “Unlike traditional Pilates, the Lagree Method places a large emphasis on circuit training, which means you move quickly from one exercise to the next for a prescribed number of sets or time limits. This allows you to achieve both cardiovascular and strength benefits as the heart, lungs, and muscle groups are concurrently working,” writes one reporter. You can try a Lagree workout through a virtual studio at home

An Infrared Session

Infrared is a good go-to no matter what your fitness goals! Use HigherDOSE’s Infrared Sauna Blanket at home to not only burn calories – upwards of 600 calories! – but also prepare your body to burn calories later, absorb nutrients and stay energized. When you use infrared heat to your circulation, it increases your heart rate and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn calories like if you went for a light jog.

Unlike a light jog, infrared gives your skin that healthy, dewy, juice-cleanse-status summer glow. A quick session in our blanket gives you with a relaxing spa experience that burns calories and that post-gym euphoric high. A runner’s high – without the running part. Heck yes. 

If you’re looking for an at home cardio workout to integrate into the rest of your training, infrared is a good option to bring your performance to the next level. Athletes benefit from the heat as it enhances endurance with “hyperthermic conditioning,” infrared exposure that helps you stand real-life heat in future high-intensity situations.


Tap into your inner child and get an incredible workout with just one piece of equipment: a jump rope! “It’s a workout that keeps A-listers on their toes too – fans include Gigi Hadid, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima (proof that jumping rope does the body good!),” reports one fitness blogger

Jump rope skipping offers a truly full-body workout. Both the body and the brain get a workout as you focus on maintaining a rhythm and controlling your heart rate. Take it to the next level with a weighted rope to work your arms and core. Just 30 minutes a day will have your body looking more toned! What are some ways you’re doing easy cardio at home? Tag us with #HackAtHome on Instagram!

Exercise is known to be beneficial for managing stress; aren’t we all stressed with what’s going on in the world? Hopefully you can find some stress relief in the options provided in this post.

Photo from Pexels.

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Who was more frightened?


We had a scare at our home recently and I’m not sure who was more frightened.  Our son (the youngest one and only one still living at home) had called to say he was staying downtown at a friend’s home for the night.  So, when my husband and I went to bed I turned out all the lights (I usually leave one on when someone is not home yet)  and left our bedroom door opened. (no one but me can sleep through my husband’s snoring)

I’m not sure what woke me up  (I am a very light sleeper) but all of a sudden I sat up in bed.  Our bed faces the door to the hall and I could see flashes of light in the stairwell, reflected in the full-length mirror adjacent to our bedroom door.  Thinking it was an intruder, I nudged my husband and whispered, “there’s someone in the house!”  He bolted out of bed and ran to the door following the flickering light.

light-159858_960_720 copy

Our son’s room is just around the corner from our doorway; as hubby left our room he could barely make out a figure in the dark of our son’s room.  Hubby banged as hard as he could on the door frame to frighten the person in the room (and others if they were present in the home) who was at that point reaching for the bedside end table.

Well, I’m sure you can figure out, it was our son in his own room, reaching for his phone charger.  He was trying to be quiet as to not wake us, using the flashlight on his cell phone to light the way to his room.

I felt kind of foolish afterward and we even laughed about it, but I’m not sure who was more frightened at the time. I usually hear people come home, (doors opening, toilet flushing etc) even with our door closed.  It didn’t help that recently in the local news we heard of a home invasion in our community where thieves stole credit cards while the residents slept.

My husband is the kind of guy that if someone is threatening him or his family he would go down swinging!  Me?  I’m more of a chicken; I stayed in bed close to the phone where I could call 911 if need be.

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More home renovations

Stage two of our home renovations are now complete!  Stage One involved our front entranceway.  Our main floor powder room has been transformed from drab, boring and outdated into a beautiful, stylish and modern bathroom.  Everything was removed. Out with the old vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet/mirror, light, flooring, and paint.


Some DIY repairs and preparation included rerouting the plumbing because it would not fit behind the new vanity. Plum colored walls were painted a neutral taupe shade…


Next, came the new flooring, the same taupe and gray pattern we used in the hallway…


and finally, in with the new features.  The toilet, vanity, sink, and granite counter top came from GUS’ KITCHEN AND BATH. The light fixture and mirror came from Lowes.  Flooring was custom ordered from Home Depot.


The only thing that returned to the room after the renovations is a picture on the wall.  I plan to pick the deep purple color of the trilliums in the picture as my accent color for towels, soap dish and other accessories.



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Stage two of home renovations

Stage two of our Home renovation is now complete!  Our main floor powder room has been transformed from drab, boring, and outdated into a beautiful, stylish, and modern room.  Everything was removed; out with the old (vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet/mirror, light, flooring, and paint)…

with some repairs and preparation (including rerouting the plumbing because it would not fit behind the new vanity)  with plum-colored walls painted a neutral taupe shade…

Next, came the new flooring, the same taupe and gray pattern we used in the hallway…

and finally, in with the new features…

The only thing that returned to the room is a picture on the wall.  I think I will pick the deep purple color of the trilliums in the picture as my accent color for towels, soap dish, garbage can etc…

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Home renovations

Now I know what people mean when they say home renovations always snowball.  You start off planning to renovate one area, but the plan quickly “snowballs” (gains momentum) to include other areas until you are overwhelmed (and broke). If this post sounds familiar it is because a previous post complained about RENOVATIONS at our cottage that had the same snowball effect.

On the home front, we started off by deciding to renovate our main floor powder room. Our eldest son is getting married this summer, so that was our (my) incentive.  By renovating, I mean totally gutting it, removing everything, then painting, then flooring then installing a new vanity, toilet, mirror, lighting etc.   That was the plan, but…

When ordering flooring for this powder room we decided to add to the order so we would be able to use the same flooring in our front hallway.  This hallway, between our front, side, and garage doors is a high traffic area, so we wanted something very resilient, but nice looking.  We chose a glueless “Luxury Vinyl Tile” (LVT) called Allure Ultra Locking Tile that supposedly “clicked together very easily.”

The flooring arrived before the vanity, granite countertop, and toilet for the bathroom, so we decided to start with the hallway before we tackled the bathroom.  The first thing we did in the hallway was to remove everything from the hall closet including the shelving there.  The piles of coats, jackets, shoes, and boots are now (still) in my living room and dining room.

Then came the fun job of replacing the shelving and repairing the scuffed up paint in the closet area. Repainting the whole house will come later, to match the color I chose for the bathroom walls…


We used a roll out underlay on top of the subfloor to cushion the tile and prevent any imperfections in the subfloor from showing through.  Sections of this were taped together to ensure they would not shift when installing the tile.  Next, we figured out the pattern we wanted the tile to be in. (you do not want your lines to line up)  For obvious reasons, it is best to do this before you start laying the tile.

I love the color, (a taupe and gray pattern) the durability, and the comfort of the flooring product we chose, but it sure was a lot harder to install than we were led to believe.  Of course, our hallway is not a perfect square or rectangle (lots of indentations/obstacles), and the walls not perfectly square/straight, which meant we had to measure and cut lots of pieces to fit.  This is where the slogan “measure twice, cut once” comes in.  Fortunately, I am married to a very precise, handy-man.

The hallway flooring is installed and the new closet doors have arrived.  The next step in the hallway project is to install rods and shelving, put the clothes back in, and the doors on.  New baseboards, door stops, and ceiling lights will be the finishing touches…

On to the bathroom.  The new vanity, granite countertop, back, and side splashes, as well as the sink, toilet, mirror, and lights, are all here, somewhere…

Stay tuned for the progress of their installation.  After that, I hope we can convince ourselves to replace the carpeting with hardwood.  The snowball is still growing and gathering momentum, while our renovation budget is shrinking, fast!

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My Art Gallery…

Have you spent a lot of time looking for artwork for your home?  Much like filling a home with furniture, whether redecorating or updating your old home or decorating a new one, unique and inexpensive artwork is hard to find.  If you read my previous post about the furniture I found/purchased last winter you will know how particular I am when it comes to shopping.

This winter artwork for my living room was on my to do list.  I searched through most of the stores in the Ottawa area, as well as on the internet, looking for the perfect picture to be hung above my new sofa.  Even though I had a vision in my head of what I wanted, I could not find it anywhere.  I love a large picture of Monet’s waterlilies on stretched canvas I found years ago for over the bed in our master bedroom, so thought I could find something similar for the living room.  No luck.  What I did find however, are many websites that can turn your JPEGs into artwork.  You can choose from many varieties, including the unframed stretched canvas look I was envisioning.  I found some pictures I had taken in my garden last summer, touched them up with Adobe photoshop, and sent them electronically to Posterjack, one of the companies mentioned earlier.  Within 5 days, I received my new artwork.  My only complaint is that I wish I had ordered larger sizes; they are gorgeous!  I could be talked into selling these and re-ordering larger ones for myself if anyone is interested…


A few years ago I also made customized artwork from an old book of botanicals that my grandmother gave me when she moved out of her home.  The book is so old that the pages are coming loose from the binding.  I copied and enlarged the pictures using a colored copier at Staples, then chose mats and frames to compliment the colors and the decor of my family room…






For a third, customized artwork project I used JPEGs of pictures I had taken in Hawaii years ago, enlarged them at Costco,  chose a different mat color to compliment each scene from Wallack’s art supplies store, then framed them and hung them up in my home…


If you are looking for new artwork or to update the existing artwork in your home, give it a try.  It is an inexpensive and easy way to use all those pictures you have stored in a shoe box somewhere to make yourself custom-made, unique and memorable pieces of art…