New garden toys from Home Hardware

During a downpour of rain recently I stopped at Home Hardware and bought a few gardening toys…

The first one is called a Hopper Topper, an insert that fits inside a lawn bag to keep it from folding or tipping over when you add yard waste to it.  It looks like a great invention; I hope it works!   I needed a new set of pruners or secateurs and can always use more gloves.

Although I didn’t purchase one, I also saw some cool winter shrub protectors that I will recommend to my clients…

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Any newly planted shrubs or those pushing the limit of your hardiness zone in your garden will benefit from protection for the winter. They protect the shrubs from cold winter winds and prevent snow from damaging young, fragile stems.   It is best to wait until the ground freezes before covering your shrubs with these protectors.  Be sure to remove them fairly early in the spring to prevent the shrubs from rotting.

I dread the coming winter, but it is best to be prepared.  The shrubs in your garden will thank you for it in the spring with a magnificent performance.