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Propagation attempts of succulents

If you follow my blog and gardening website, you will know I love succulents of all shapes and sizes. So much so that I included one tiny succulent in each of the party favours I presented to each guest at my daughter-in-law’s baby shower last winter. Tell me you noticed the succulents as the header of this blog’s landing page.

Succulents are my favourite perennials as they tolerate hot sun and require little to no maintenance. Hen and chicks (sempervivum) are especially easy to propagate, simply by removing the ‘chicks’ from their ‘mother’ and inserting them into the soil in a new location right in the garden.

This off-season of my gardening business, I decided to try my hand at propagating some succulents inside the house. So far, so good. All I did to encourage propagation was tuck a few leaves from various types of succulents into houseplants around the house. Especially the ones in a sunny location. I also tried placing a few leaves in a small, shallow, clear container into which I added a tiny bit of water. (second picture) The container sits on a north-facing window sill.

The leaves withered up, but tiny new plants emerged at the base of the leaf in each propagation attempt. Just be sure to keep the soil moist around the leaves inserted in soil as well as a tiny bit (just enough to keep emerging roots wet) of water in the bottom of the container.

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Sempervivum (hen & chicks) – jewels of the xeriscape garden

Check out the link  Sempervivum – jewels of the xeriscape garden to find ideas on my favorite plants for hot, dry areas.  Xeriscape gardens include plants that not only tolerate hot and dry conditions, but actually thrive on them.   Sempervivums include “hen & chicks” which thankfully are very hardy and easy to find in this region.  I have submitted a picture to their website of a large cement shoe that I filled with hen & chicks and leave in my garden year round…

cropped shoe