Heatwaves and Air Conditioning

The worst part about heatwaves is the air conditioning you need to keep your home cool.  I hate air conditioning, at least my body does because it does not like to be cold.  I hate feeling like it’s cold outside too, reminds me too much of the winter months where we can’t wait for the weather to warm up. When the air conditioner is on, so is my sweater. And socks.

Every year at this time we (my family members and I) have the same argument on whether to open the windows to cool the house or turn on the air conditioner.  I favour open windows, they favour the air conditioning.  I usually win until a heatwave arrives.  If the temperature does not cool off at night, I cave in and the air conditioner has to come on to keep our upstairs bedrooms cool for sleeping. I do admit, it is much easier to sleep in cooler temperatures.

Me, I sleep with lots of blankets regardless of the temperature.  When the air conditioner is on I really need the blankets, even to sit around watching TV.  Even though we keep the setting to 22 degrees, (a concession to me as they would prefer 18) I still get chilled.

We are expecting a heatwave here in Ottawa over the next week or so.  Brrrrrrr.

air conditioning and heatwaves