Avocado Keeps the Doctor away


Move over apples, the new health axiom is “an avocado a day keeps the doctor away.”

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How an Avocado is Good for You

Even though a medium-sized avocado adds around 250 calories to your daily intake and 24 grams of fat, the fat is predominantly the “good for your heart” monounsaturated variety.  Avocados also lower our “bad cholesterol” or LDL (low-density lipoproteins) because they contain high amounts of plant-based phytosterols.


How to Incorporate Them into Your Daily Diet

Start by incorporating avocadoes into your daily meals.  Chopped, pureed, or mashed, use your imagination to try avocados for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Just be careful what you eat them with.  In other words, skip the chips.

Keeping in mind that a healthy allotment of fat is 65 grams within a daily diet of 2000 calories, simply replace the fats you have been eating for years with avocado.  Eliminate the “not so good for you” fats like margarine or butter, peanut butter, oils, and mayonnaise.  Avocado toast has become a popular and healthy breakfast treat.

As well as the heart-healthy fat, you will be adding vitamins, minerals, and fiber with this substitution.

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Follow your heart, but only if your head agrees.

This  is the first poem I have written in ages, probably since high school.  It was inspired by singers Adele (Hello) and Shawn Mendes (Stitches) as well as a few people in my life…


I can forgive

but I cannot forget

while the heart allows you to forgive,

 the head allows you to forget

my heart says I love him

my head says he doesn’t love me

my heart says make him stay

my head says let him go

my heart thinks I cannot live without him

my head knows he can live without me

my heart says I need him

my head knows I don’t



While it is wonderful to think and feel with your heart, your brain knows when someone is not right for you.  For those of you with a broken heart due to the end of a long term relationship, let your brain lead the way to healing your heart.

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