Subway Offers Gluten-Free Option

I have noticed recently the addition of chopped salads to the menu at Subway restaurants; a bonus to those of us that are looking for gluten-free meals on the go. When we are on the road, whether at a hockey tournament or on vacation, I find it difficult to eat well, as the gluten-free options are limited.

The salads at Subway work the same way as ordering a submarine sandwich; you pick the toppings and dressings. The difference is that they present the chopped ingredients to you, including meat if you wish, in a salad bowl instead of loading them on a gluten-loaded bun.

Prices of salads vary, depending on whether or not you choose to add meat and/or avocado, but you can get a large, delicious, custom-made, gluten-free salad for under $10.

2022 Update: Subway now offers another gluten-free option with rice bowls in four enticing varieties available across Canada. These four new Signature Rice Bowls are:

  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: Grilled chicken and sweet onion teriyaki sauce.
  • Crispy Chicken Bacon & Peppercorn Ranch: Crispy chicken, Maplewood smoked bacon and creamy peppercorn ranch sauce.
  • Green Goddess Veggie: Tangy green goddess dressing
  • Southwest Steak & Avocado: Steak, smashed avocado, and Southwest sauce

I have yet to try these, but they sound and look delicious! From the Subway website (not yet from personal experience) I see they list for approximately twelve dollars each.


Congratulations Subway, for responding to the increasing demand for healthy, gluten-free meals for the busy family. It sure makes my life easier!