Mudslinging and Grandstanding Politicians

The worst part about pending elections is the inevitable mudslinging and grandstanding that goes on.  Don’t we teach our children that bullies are insecure when they pick on others?  The same thing applies to politicians. As grown adults, they should know better.

mudslinging and grandstanding
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Politicians should know that mudslinging does not make you look intelligent or clever, instead, it makes you look insecure and weak. It is not attractive, in fact, it is a real turn-off. Can they not run their campaigns outlining their own values, plans, goals, credentials, or experience instead of smearing their opponents? Apparently not.

The other tactic I cannot stand in politicians is grandstanding.  Or anyone else for that matter. If you are good at something you do not have to tell everyone how good you are.  This is another lesson we try to teach our children; tooting your own horn is not attractive.

Your actions speak louder than words, your talents or lack thereof will be shared through references. That is a valuable point I’ve learned in building my own business, as most of my clients come from referrals.

Sadly it will only get worse as elections to choose a leader for the Conservative party (to replace ousted Patrick Brown and then a premier here in Ontario are fast approaching.

Does anyone else feel this way?