Nail Polish and Granddaughters

Having raised three sons, but no daughters, I am really enjoying the girly activities my two granddaughters currently bring to my life. Nail polish and granddaughters just seem to go together.

Case in point, recently they polished my nails. The younger of the two granddaughters got very creative painting my fingernails. She couldn’t decide between green and purple, so did both, resulting in a camouflaged, bicoloured look. Pretty cool and artistic for a two-and-a-half-year-old.

The older granddaughter painted my toenails at the same time her cousin worked on my fingers. This granddaughter will be seven very soon, so is much more vigilant and precise with the placement of the nail polish. Although she too had a hard time sticking to just one colour, so I got pink on one foot and purple on the other, both with a sparkly coating on top:

I love their creativity. Who needs a nail salon? Not me! As long as my granddaughters come to visit, the nail polish will come out. I guess I’d better stock up, some of my bottles are ancient and dried up, and definitely need replacing. Perhaps Santa will bring us all some in our stockings this Christmas.