The Good, the Bad and the Ugly at the 2015 Grammys

The best part of watching the Grammys, or any other award show for that matter, is the parade of dresses, suits, hair, speeches and performances throughout the show. Some are good, some are great, some are bad, just horrible, and some are downright ugly and outrageous…..

Starting with the women’s wear, here are my nominees, shown left to right, from GOOD to GREAT


Up next are the BAD, in no particular order, for obvious reasons…


Then come the downright UGLY:

Although the men’s clothing is not usually as varied as the women’s, there were still the good, the bad and the ugly to be found, shown here in that order…

What show is complete without bad hair? Here are my nominations for good, bad and ugly HAIR…




Although the Grammys seemed very mellow (yawn) this year, the fashion display, performances and the antics are always fun to watch. Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift dancing (not together), Kanye ranting, unrehearsed speeches (Pharrell Williams), genuine excitement (Sam Smith) and many musical performances were the highlights.

Miranda Lambert’s performance was by far the liveliest and best of the night:

Miranda Lambert performs Little Red Wagon
Miranda Lambert performs Little Red Wagon

watch the video Miranda Lambert

Honorable mentions go to performances by ELO, AC/DC and Madonna:

Watch the videos:      ELO    AC/DC       Madonna              and decide for yourself.

There you have it, the short and sweet, condensed version!