Losing Garden Tools and my Mind

As the end of my gardening season approaches here in Ontario, I have begun to clean out my van and perform an inventory of my garden tools.  This is also the time of the year when I realize just how bad my memory is when the number of gardening tools has dwindled and I have no idea where the missing ones are. Losing garden tools is commonplace for me;  I tend to misplace several pairs of calipers (or hand clippers) a season.  

Even though their handles are usually (I’ve learned that lesson) a bright red or orange, I manage to lose them in the gardens I work in.  I’m sure I have accidentally thrown some out in lawn waste bags.  

This year I am disappointed to find that I have also managed to misplace my favourite edger and a handy short shovel. I will have to send out an email to my clients begging them to check their tool sheds and gardens to see if my garden tools are hanging out with theirs.