Lomi: Convert Kitchen Waste to Plant Food

Lomi electric composter

Do you compost your organic waste or is the chore too much of a hassle? I must admit, I go back and forth. Recently though, I came across an option for an electric kitchen composter that may have piqued my interest enough to coerce me back into the practice. Reducing food waste into nutrient-dense plant food? Did someone say plants? I like that idea, as long as fruit flies and rotten odours don’t invade my kitchen. However, an under-the-cupboard garbage bin generates both of those problems too. That’s the argument I will use on my hubby to persuade him to give Lomi a try.

Introducing Lomi

Introducing the world’s first Smart Waste appliance, Lomi fits on your kitchen counter, ready to devour your organic (no meat or bones) kitchen waste. If you consume lots of fresh fruit and vegetables like my family does, this might appeal to you too. My morning smoothie alone generates lots of appropriate fuel for the Lomi.

Traditional Composting

I currently have three outdoor composters that are used less frequently every year. The main reason (or excuse) for that is that the procedure takes lots of time. Filling, turning, and emptying the heavy bins is not easy, especially for seniors with arthritic wrists. They are considerably less expensive than the (modern) electric Lomi.

Of the three traditional, outdoor composters I have, my favourite is definitely the tumbling one. It looks something like the first one below, without the fancy colours. I love the fact that it rotates to flip the contents around but it is quite heavy when full, so not the easiest to maneuver. I have to enlist the help of my husband or one of my three sons to rotate and remove it from its base to empty.

The second one pictured appears to have taken those negative aspects into consideration as it stands on legs and features a handle. It also is divided into two lighter chambers. Perhaps that would make it easier to rotate and empty.

I would love to hear comments on which models other gardeners use.

The Current Landfill Situation is a Global Problem

Regardless of your current composting methods, our landfills are filling at an alarming rate. We have to be smarter. Composting organic kitchen scraps with Lomi is a start and something individual families can do at home. A recent post discussed garbage incinerators, an even more significant step in the right direction.