Donating Used Household Items

Cleaning out our double garage recently so we can fit at least one vehicle in there this winter, we realized we have lots of gently used household items that could be donated.  From bikes to furniture to garden supplies, donating these items is easier than ever.  I googled each item to find out where to drop them off, discovering lots of options for each.


Three sons and two adults can accumulate a lot of bikes over the years.  These bikes have been in our garage for many years although I’m pretty sure we didn’t purchase all of them.  So now we are donating other people’s used items too.  All to a good cause.

I learned there are several places in the Ottawa area that accept donations of used bicycles.  They repair or recondition the bikes then sell them keeping them out of the landfill sites.  Check out their websites for donating rules and hours of operation.

  • Cycle Salvation is located at 473 Bronson Avenue at Gladstone
  • Heartwood House is located at 404 McArthur Ave.
  • Recyclore is located at 275B Britannia Rd.

Gently used furniture is another popular item for donating.  I discovered Matthew House, a wonderful initiative offering furniture, support and even shelter and a sense of community to refugees.  Their furniture bank is located at 340 Leggett Drive in Kanata, door #53.  Check out the website for hours of operation, drop off and pick up schedules and other ways to help.


Other Donating Options

Previously I donated most of my used items to CP, CDA or Value Village.  Recently though I have found both CP and CDA frustrating in that they never picked up my items on the scheduled days.  There was always an excuse, but after a while I gave up.  When I decide to donate (or my husband agrees to part with) an item, I want to do it in a timely fashion, before either of us change our minds.

Another place I have donated items to previously is Value Village.  Mainly because they have a drop off location conveniently close to our home.  However, my brother recently pointed out some suspicious details regarding their business, so I thought I would look elsewhere.

Regardless of where you choose to donate your used household items to, it is easy to do and beneficial to many.

Impulse Shopper

I do not like shopping in general; i always joke that I do not have the shopping gene that most females are born with.   My problem is that I have  visions in my head of what I want, whether it be furniture or clothing, but I just can’t find the things I envision.  However, when I do see something that “speaks to me”, I get excited and usually do end up purchasing it.  Some  may call this impulsive, but that is the only way that I don’t end up regretting my purchases.

For example, my living room has needed new furniture for years now, but I refused to go out and buy something just to fill it up.   This room had ended up as the “collector” room in the house where items we have but don’t know what to do with pile up.  Last year I finally got it cleared out leaving only my piano against one wall.   I looked through most of the furniture stores in the Ottawa area, but found nothing that really caught my eye.  My vision for this room was something sylish, yet comfortable, not super modern yet not really fussy looking, with dark green as the primary color…

Last winter, when taking my son’s hockey skates in to be sharpened, I walked past an antique shop and saw the sofa of my dreams in a picture taped to the window.  Well, sort of…The sofa was beat up with an ugly, torn and well worn gold colored fabric on the seats, but the “bones” were beautiful.  The back, arms and legs were carved walnut with only a few chips and dents.   I phoned the number listed with the sofa and went to visit it on a country road just west of Ottawa.  Of course, it looked worse in real life, with the stuffing coming out of the seats and a few broken springs, but I loved it and thought it well worth the $89 price tag. It weighed a ton, but the owner and I managed to load it into the back of my van.

On my GPS device I looked up the phone number for Frank Cantusci’s shop on Hazledean Rd in Stittsville to see if they could recommend someone to restore the woodwork and cushions for me.  Years ago I had gone into this store to look for upholstering fabric to cover a sofa at our cottage, and remembered that Frank and his wife Nancy were very friendly and helpful then.   As luck would have it, Nancy chuckled at my request, claiming that restoring antique furniture is Frank’s specialty.  I needed no further encouragement and drove straight there.

Frank and his son Johnny unloaded the sofa from my van and took it into their shop where they examined it thoroughly.  They were excited with my purchase too, claiming that although the sofa needed lots of work, it was indeed a beautiful piece, and could be restored.  Nancy and I went through most of their fabric samples, concentrating on  those in the green category, until I had made my final selection.  I left the sofa with them for a few weeks and was astounded at the difference when I went in to pay for their services.  Of course, my vision was not yet complete…

When I next walked in the door of Cantusci’s to see my sofa, the first thing I saw was an old, very high backed arm chair; once again, love at first sight…   Frank laughed at my reaction; his friend had dropped it off for him to get rid of and he was going to  “throw it on the fire pit” because it was so ugly and in need of repair.  I quickly convinced him not to throw the chair out, so he agreed to “donate” it to my living room furniture vision.  I picked out another fabric, one to co-ordinate with the dark green sofa, and Frank began to work his magic on the old chair.  In the meantime, I had him looking for a second wing back arm chair to complete the set, as he and Nancy spend many weekends browsing antique shops for items they can restore.  By the time I went back to the shop to pay for the first chair, he had a few others for me to choose from…

While I was waiting for my living room furniture to be restored, I  had another great impusle.  Again, for a few years I had been looking for an arm chair and ottoman to compliment the wine colored leather sofa and chair in my family room, and had not been able to find exactly what I envisioned in any stores.  I mentioned this dilemma to Frank and Nancy on one of my visits to their shop; Frank simply shrugged “no problem” and asked what size of an ottoman I wanted.  The chair I needed for that room could not be too large or bulky, yet I wanted it to be comfortable and stylish.  I chose one from the collection he had picked up for possibilities in my living room; a smaller wing back arm chair with straight, plain legs.  Frank promised to paint the legs of the chair black and then create the legs of the ottoman to match the chair.  The ottoman is not a restored piece of furniture; it was created in their shop, exactly to my specifications:  I needed something to replace a coffee table  that could also be used as extra seating, but that would not take up too much room.   I had already seen a fabric I loved when choosing the green for the living room;  a patterned fabric of wine, dark green and black, perfect for both the chair and ottoman.

I am thrilled with my custom designed living and family rooms, even if every piece was an impulsive choice.  I don’t really care if the colors and styles of my choices are not trendy; I love them, they are unique, and exactly what I had envisioned.  I only wish I had the forsight to take some “before” pictures so you could see what a marvelous job Frank did on my furniture…

Frank is currently on the hunt for two end tables for me and I am on the lookout for a piece of art for over the sofa in the living room…