Gut Health, What, Why, and How

Components of Digestive System

Recently, a video I saw on social media caught my attention.  I had a few minutes to spare, so listened to Dr. Amy Lee explain why gut health is so important to achieve and how to achieve it.  Dr. Lee specializes in internal medicine as well as wellness, nutrition and obesity.  Listen to the video and make up your own mind if it makes sense to you.

It made complete sense to me as I have battled with my gut health for years and finally feel that I am in control.  I learned the hard way what works for me and what does not.  This information may educate you and steer you in the right direction if you too suffer from poor gut health that presents itself in numerous symptoms. Keep an open mind, you may not even realize your gut health is so crucial.

gut health

The video did turn out to be an infomercial for a specific product that Dr. Lee is selling, but the information she shared throughout the commercial was interesting.  I can attest to the fact that she is bang on about the foods that are bad for your general health.  If you have followed any of my previous posts, especially my very earliest ones, you will know that I have suffered for years with the pain resulting from food sensitivities and poor gut health.