Perennials: Best and Worst

September new July

With all the gardens I visit in a season, I am bound to have my favorite and least favorite perennials.

Spiderwort, AKA Tradescantia or Widow’s Tears is one of my least favorite.  They spread like crazy throughout gardens, flop over onto other plants, and turn yellow and slimy as soon as the weather gets cool.  The only good things about them are their pretty color (purple) and the fact that they will rebloom if cut back after the first bloom…

pictures from Pixabay

Some of my favourite perennials recently have been coneflowers, especially the newer colors available.  In cooler summers (like the one we just experienced) the coneflowers bloomed pretty much all summer.  I have peachy orange, red, and a few shades of pink coneflowers that are still stunning in my gardens…

I am still in love with all of the ornamental grasses; there seem to be more beautiful varieties every year.  Blue oat grass is my favourite this year in my zone 4 to 5 gardens.  I love its steel blue coloring and the fact that it is much hardier, larger, and sturdier than the blue fescue I have tried previously. Just the dramatic effect I love.


What are your favourite and least favourite perennials of the season?