Gardens4u presents Joe Pye Weed, a late blooming perennial for your garden

I literally did a double take when I saw this absolutely gorgeous large cluster of Joe Pye Weed while driving home from a client’s garden.  I pulled a U turn and went back to take a picture…

joe pye weed

I have never seen such a beautiful display of Joe Pye Weed. Joe Pye weed, also called Eutrochium,  is a perennial related to sunflowers.  It is a late bloomer, perfect as a tall accent in your late summer and fall gardens.  It is also available in a dwarf form, but cannot imagine a shorter version creating the same impact.  Grown in full sun it needs moist soil, but it prefers part sun to part shade conditions where it will tolerate less moisture.  I have some growing in part shade in my garden, but mine is not nearly as striking, so will try some in a sunnier spot too.  Joe Pye Weed is hardy to zone 5, which means protection from cold north winds in my Kanata Ontario gardens.

Pick up a Joe Pye Weed perennial from the garden center nearest you to add some late colour to your gardens.  It also propagates easily from seed, so if you know of anyone that has some, ask them to share some seeds.  Just sprinkle the seeds where you would like the plant to grow, water well and wait until next season.