Garden Genie Gloves

garden genie gloves

Don’t these Garden Genie gloves look amazing?  Imagine digging and planting without tools!  I must admit I use my hands for many functions that I should use a tool for, so these are intriguing…

garden genie

I must go through a pair of regular gardening gloves per week in my business.  Very annoying not to mention expensive!  The index finger on my right-hand goes first, and often I do not even realize it has given away until I take off my gloves and my fingernail is broken and dirty.  Over time all fingertips give away so all my nails get dirty, fast.  In fact, I had to give up the gel nails I loved because they got ruined the first month I was in business.

Order these garden genie gloves, and give them a try, I am sure you will love them. Let me know what you think of them.  

Some of you lucky readers can get out in your gardens already, I am still dreaming…